What is Hollywood Fashion Tape and Why You Need It

Prevent Wardrobe Malfunctions and Maximize Your Dress Success

A favorite of wardrobe stylists, Miss America contestants and celebrities on red carpets all over the world, Hollywood Fashion Tape touts itself as the original wardrobe tape that has been keeping straps, bras and hems in place for years. But, does the tape really work? Is it worth the bathroom cabinet space? Let me enlighten you.

What is it?

Hollywood Fashion Tape is a firm but gentle double-sided tape that is skin and clothing safe (though beware: everyone is different, and skin sensitivity and allergy may occur, so test out the product on a small patch of skin before you use it).

It comes in tape strips that are 3.5 inches long, but they can easily be cut if you need a shorter piece. There is adhesive on both sides of the tape. The strips are not reusable — you use them once and throw them away, much like real tape.

How do you use it?

To use Hollywood Fashion Tape, pull off the back of one side to expose the stickiness, and stick it where you need it to go. Smooth it on with your finger. When it's secure, pull off the back of the other side to expose the stickiness, and secure your fabric or skin as needed.

What can it be used for?

I have mostly used Hollywood Fashion tape to secure a low-cut or loose, drapey dress to my bra or my skin, so I can avoid flashing someone unnecessarily. The last thing I want is an embarrassing nipple slip or boob exposed. But, there are other ways to use the tape:

  • To hold strapless dresses or tops in place.
  • To prevent bra straps from slipping down (very unsightly at a formal!).
  • To temporarily “hem” a dress (but note — this is only a temporary fix. A real hem fix should always involve a needle and thread).
  • To temporarily mend a ripped or busted seam (again, a real seam should always be sewn shut).
  • To make sure V-necks and cutouts stay in place and don't reveal too much skin.
  • To close the gap in button down clothing.
  • To hold wrap dresses in place.

When should I use it?

Anytime you're dealing with a formal dress, there's probably room for a little Hollywood Fashion Tape. Remember, you want to be free to dance, mingle and take as many photos as you want during prom and homecoming. A little wardrobe malfunction prevention with Hollywood Fashion tape couldn't hurt.

I'd even suggest taking the tape dispenser along with you to your big dance. The tape dispenser is small enough that it can be tucked into your purse or discreetly kept in your limo. Even if you don't use it, a friend or classmate might suddenly have a strap pop or a seam burst, and then you'll come to the rescue.

Things to watch out for

While Hollywood Fashion Tape does the trick in almost any situation, there are a few things I should mention. Be careful with extremely delicate fabrics like sequins, jewels, sheer overlays and lace. Always remove the tape gently to avoid taking off any dress embellishments or ripping thin fabrics.

Secondly, the tape is pretty strong, and many times after I've used it, I've experienced a red mark on my skin. It has always disappeared after a day, but I would advise girls with sensitive skin to be conscious that this could happen.

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