How to Safely and Effectively Use Grindr

Grindr Dating App for Gay Men. Grindr

By now you've either heard about Grindr or most likely used it from time to time (or all the time). But for those who might be a little fresh, Grindr is a mobile social networking and dating app for gay men. The app helps users find other gay men by utilizing their mobile's GPS technology. Users can log on to instantly see other Grindr members in the area, share pics, stats, chat or arrange to meet. Grindr is available for free on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. Members can also upgrade to Grindr XTRA for a variety of premium features like an adless interface, push/pull notification, and additional profile views.

Here's How

  1. Download the Grindr app an app store like iTunes or directly from Grindr.
  2. Once the app is loaded, agree to the Terms of Service which state that you are over 18-years-old and have agreed to the terms about privacy. Remember, the app uses GPS technology to display guys in your area and show your location.
  3. Agreed? Great, now you're ready to enter Grindr. Press the blue button to start the app or invite a friend to join in the yellow box below.
  4. You'll have better success meeting other men with profile text and a photo. When you launch the app for the first time Grindr will remind you that edit your profile.
  5. To edit, tap the pic box and choose an existing photo or take a pic with your mobile cam. Tapping "Name Here" will prompt you to enter your screen name and a headline. This is a great chance to show your personality.​
  6. Previous versions of Grindr limited profile text. Kind of like a Twitter for hook ups. But new releases allow you to enter information like your age, height, weight, ethnicity, your website and any other info you want to share. These boxes are optional, so enter as little or as much as you like.
  7. Below the profile box you'll find an option to show your exact distance. And when Grindr says exact, they mean exact. So, you'll know to the meter or foot where other guys are.
  8. Next, choose your age filter. Grindr offers a choice to screen by a minimum or maximum age.
  9. Last on the profile edit screen, you'll have the option to again invite friends, read tips, and unblock profiles you may have blocked before.
  10. Now, you're ready to start grinding. You're at the main window of Grindr, which is a collage of pics from men in the area. Your box will appear first with a gold border. Tap it to see how others see your profile.
  11. Take a look around the collage of photos. A green dot means he's online. A yellow dot means he's one of your favorites.
  12. Tap a pic to see a full sized image of a close by Grindr, how far he's away, how long he's been online, his age, and any other information he's added to his profile.
  13. Chat with him (a blue border means you're actively chatting), add him as a favorite or block. Ready to move on? Premium members can swipe to the next profile. Basics members need to tap the black Grindr arrow to return to the main menu.
  14. The main window updates constantly as more guys come into range. Click on the "Load More Guys..." button to see more men in the area.


  1. Grindr uses GPS tech, so not only will you be able to see the exact distance someone from you, they'll be able to do the same. You can also send them your location.
  2. Grindr has push/pull notification, so pushing your mobile's Home button won't sign you out. To log off click the black "Sign Off" square in the top left corner.