How to Trim Pubic Hair for Men and Women

Trim pubic hair with some of the most basic tools or using one of the powered gadgets. Many men and women like to trim at least part if not all of their bikini zone. Trimming can be wonderful because there isn't as much upkeep and there's much less chance of side effects. No razor burn, less chance of ingrown hair and definitely no waxing pain. Get groomed without shaving yourself bare and avoid the side effects that the razor can bring.

how to trim pubic hair
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This is about as basic as it gets for those who are a super tight budget or are in need of some grooming on the double. Most of us have at least a pair of decent scissors and a comb at home.

This option is simple, easy and cheap. You don't want to just start hacking away. Learn how to use scissors and a comb to trim hair down, without any cuts or nicks while making the hair look smooth, and not choppy or uneven. Just be sure to sanitize your comb and scissors before and after using them for trimming. More »

Hair Clippers for Pubic Hair
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If you have regular hair clippers around the house, they can probably do the job for trimming. Although they can technically shave hair totally down if you don't use a guard, I definitely would not recommend it. Regular hair clippers straight will probably give just too rough of a shave in the bikini zone. 

Even though they're larger, weightier and bulkier than trimmers especially made for intimate grooming, they're great for getting hair to your one preferred length in about a minute or so.

Read how to use the attachments to get hair to your perfect length and why you wouldn't want to invest in these clippers for trimming pubic hair alone. More »

Want to shave your bikini line and trim the rest? You can right while you shower, and with one tool. One side is Schick’s four blade razor with conditioning strips, the other side a waterproof battery-operated trimmer that adjusts to three different lengths.

Perfect for the bikini area, the trimmer is very narrow for easy guiding. Although Schick Quattro Trim Style (read review) doesn’t have the most powerful blades for trimming in my opinion, it does the job at an affordable price.

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Especially made for total body grooming, including down below for men. These wet/dry shavers allow you trim while controlling the length, or shave hair totally down with special blades. They're also great because they can be used for removing hair right on the genitals- I'm sure you guys really don't want to take a regular manual razor there. Ouch! More »

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Philips Bikini Perfect

Philips Bikini Perfect
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A girl likes to have some options. Some days you want to trim, other times shave, and every now and then, pull it out from the root for longer lasting smoothness. Sometimes, maybe a combination of all in your bikini zone.

This cordless, rechargeable grooming system from Philips does a lot with six attachments (compare prices on Amazon). We love that you can groom in or out of the shower. Trimmer, epilator, micro shaver and micro trimmer attachments allow you to have your options of shaving, trimming or removing the hair out by epilating.

This is a manual affordable trimmer made for the bikini zone by Gillette. With it being human powered, no batteries are required. The downside is that the trimmer is not adjustable, meaning you can only get one length out it. If I had to guess I'd say leaves hair about 1/4 of an inch. It works by just swiping it over the hair and provides a pretty smooth trim fairly quickly. If the hair is long, you do need to work over hair a couple of times.

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Hair eRazor Pubic Shaver & Trimmer

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This is a small, cordless titanium rotary style shaver with a built-in trimmer that comes up with a push of a button. It's especially made for the coarse hair of the bikini area and worked great for my assistant Nicole, leaving her without redness, bumps or irritation.

Review of Hair eRazor Pubic Shaver & Trimmer