A Step-By-Step Guide to Trimming Your Eyebrows Correctly

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Trim for a Neat Look

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When you think of grooming your eyebrows, the first methods that come to mind are tweezing and waxing. Women use these methods to form their brows into the shape they want and eliminate strays in between and below the brows. Men mainly tweeze or get a waxing to banish the unibrow effect. But besides shaping and keeping the area between the brows hair-free, eyebrows sometimes need trimming and thinning out so that they look neat all over, beyond the shaping you want. All you need to trim your brows: a comb or spoolie brush, a pair of scissors, and a mirror.

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Remove Excess Hair

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The first step to trimming eyebrows is to brush the hair up using a comb. Be careful to brush up only the hair that is growing in that direction. If all of your brow hair is not growing up and you trim it all anyway, you might end up with sparse areas. The hair that is up above the shape can be removed. Take out a little at a time to guard against overdoing it. Use eyebrow scissors (compare prices), which are small and have short and straight blades. You can also use fingernail scissors or hair-cutting scissors, but eyebrow scissors will give you the most control and the best result.

If your brows aren't too long, this step might be all you need to neaten them up. But if you have a lot of bulk, then you'll need to do a little more work.

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Take Out the Bulk

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Take a fine-toothed comb or a spoolie brush and place it down into the eyebrow at about a 45-degree angle. If you want your brow hair as short as possible, press the comb somewhat close to the skin but definitely not all the way down. If you just want a little off, move the comb away from the skin. Place the scissors over the comb and cut the hair. The comb helps you to keep from getting too close and taking off too much hair or getting bald patches.

Men's eyebrows usually end up getting really long as they age. Taking out this bulk really helps men look more groomed and gain a more youthful appearance.

Women also benefit from removing some bulk if they tweeze or wax, and especially if they want well-defined brows. Only by the combination of both trimming and removing hair can you get that perfectly defined look.

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Work Your Way in Sections

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Continue grooming the eyebrow by working your way in sections until you get to the end of the brow. The brow density should look consistent all the way across. If one part still looks bulky, go back in again with your comb and scissors and remove more bulk.

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Give Them a Final Touch

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When you've finished removing all the bulk and you're pretty satisfied with the result, do a once over and see if you need a little nip here or there and clean up any stray hairs. Follow the exact same steps from the beginning on the other brow.