How To Treat Pubic Razor Burn

Get Rid of Bikini Area Redness and Stinging

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The last meeting shaving your bikini area didn't end too well and now you have pubic razor burn, often called, razor rash. We understand, it not only looks unattractive, but feels just as bad. We have some tips to get this area healed quickly.

  • Let skin heal. Lay off shaving until skin can recover. Let's not keep going back to square one. Stay away from hot water, drying and fragranced bath products in this area, saunas and tanning beds until irritation is gone.

  • Friction is not your friend. For now, leave your tight panties, pants and shorts in the drawer. It's also a good idea to stay away from sexual activity which may also worsen your condition.

  • "I can't stop shaving." If you feel like you 'have to' remove the hair, use a pre-shaving oil and a single razor blade, shave with the grain, instead of against while following these precautions on preventing pubic razor burn.

    If pubic razor burn keeps returning after taking all precautions, continue to shave with the grain. Also stick to a single blade razor, rather than one with multiple blades which can be more aggravating to the skin because they're made to give a very close shave.

  • Speed mending. Neosporin (make sure to keep on outside of body) will help fight bacteria and accelerate the healing process.

  • Soothe skin. Bikini Zone Medicated Gel not only aids in calming redness, but helps numb skin so you don't feel the sting. If you prefer things on the natural side, try Aloe Vera Gel. Compare prices on other razor burn fighting products.

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