Tips for Men to Treat Oily Hair

Man Shampooing His Hair
Robin Skjoldborg/Cultura/Getty Images

Oily hair can be a real annoyance. Untreated, it can look unsightly, have an unpleasant odor, be difficult to style, and even promote scalp acne. For some guys, their hair starts looking greasy and dirty just a few short hours after it's washed. What's a man with oily hair to do? Follow these simple tips.

Switch Up Your Shampoo Strategy

Of course, this seems like a no-brainer. Shampoo your hair in the morning, but don't shampoo again in the same day.

Many guys make the mistake of shampooing too often which can cause your scalp to actually produce more oil. When shampooing, select a professional product labeled for oily hair. Look for shampoos containing tea tree oil or menthol. Some guys even use a touch of dishwashing liquid to help fight oily hair and scalp. In regard to shampoos, avoid using any shampoo with added oil (such as the popular argan oil), and try to stick to shampoo specifically formulated for oily hair.

Go Natural

Some people have success reducing oil by using a natural rinse of lemon juice or vinegar. Simply mix the juice of about two lemons with a quart of distilled water or about two tablespoons of white vinegar with a cup of water. Rinse your hair thoroughly with either mixture which should be gentle enough for your hair and still act as an astringent to remove excess oil. Avoid getting too much of the mixture on your scalp and rinse with warm water afterward to remove any lemon or vinegar residue.


Examine Your Scalp

Is your scalp dry? Ironically, a dry scalp can produce more oil which then gets in the hair. If your scalp is dry, use a shampoo for dry scalp.  

Eat Right

Choose fresh, healthy foods and avoid those high in processed sugars and fats. Your hair is a reflection of your total health, so keeping the body healthy is also good for the hair.

Limit Brushing and Touching

Brushing the hair frequently can cause the scalp to produce more oil, so use a wide tooth comb (or fingers) when possible to style your hair and then leave it alone. Once your style is in place, avoid constantly plying with your hair as this can stimulate oil production (and the natural oils in your hands can also wind up in your hair.

Skip Conditioner and Product

Using a conditioner will often make your hair appear even more oily, so if yo have oily hair skip the conditioner altogether. Hair products that contain shine elements will also make your hair look oily. Try using a matte finish paste (sparingly!) to help reduce an oily appearance.

Using one (or all) of these suggestions should help reduce the greasy appearance and give your hair a healthier appearance. If you must condition, try to condition the ends of the hair only. You can also condition with egg yolks (beat two yolks together, and a touch of lemon juice and mix well). Leave the egg yolk mixture on your hair for about five minutes and rinse well. This is a home remedy that works really well, especially for those with oily hair.

These are a few tips to help fight oily hair. If your hair or scalp is extremely oily, consider consulting with a dermatologist and your hairstylist for a treatment regimen that is specific to your hair and scalp.