How to Take Care of Your Figure Skates

Close up of ice skates on ice
  Niels Busch / Getty Images 

There are some guidelines to follow regarding the care of figure skates, and if the guidelines below are followed, a good pair of skates can last for several years.

Dry Blades and Boot

If ice skating blades are not dried thoroughly, rust will develop and the blades will be ruined. Don't just wipe blades off, dry the blades completely and also wipe off the bottom of the skating boots. The sole of a skating boot can rot and crack if it is not dried properly.

Sharpen Blades

Ice skating blades must be sharpened on a regular basis by an experienced ice skating blade technician. In general, ice skates need sharpening after about forty hours of ice skating.

Wear Skate Guards

Figure skating blades get ruined if they touch concrete, wood, grass, or any surface besides ice, rubber or carpet, so guards are a must. 

Store Blades in Soakers

Soakers are terry cloth blade covers that protect and keep ice skating blades dry. Never leave or store skating blades inside plastic or rubber skate guards since doing that will cause blades to rust.

Polish Figure Skating Boots on a Regular Basis

Polishing skating boots protects a skate's leather.

Air Boots After Use

A skater's feet may perspire while skating which means that any moisture inside the skating boot needs to be dried out. Open up the boots a bit after every use to facilitate drying.

Lace Boots Completely

Walking in unlaced skates can break down skating boots. In addition, walking around in unlaced skates can be hazardous.

Replace Laces Regularly

Broken skating laces, even when tied together temporarily can pull apart and may pull apart which can be dangerous. In addition, it is very difficult to lace up ice skates after laces break, so have an extra pair of laces on hand so that they can be replaced in your skating boots immediately.

Have an Experienced Figure Skate Technician Mount Blades and Replace Screws 

Sometimes screws come loose and should be tightened. In addition, if the screw holes at the bottom of the boots become stripped, for safety reason, the holes should be plugged. An experienced skate technician will make sure that the blades are mounted properly.