How to Surprise Your Husband with a Vacation

Adventure Awaits with a Couples Vacation

Dreaming of whisking your spouse away from work and household chores for some R&R&R (rest, relaxation and romance)? Start planning to surprise your husband or wife with a vacation.

A trip can make for an unforgettable gift for a birthday or holiday. Though it may be tough to pull off, here are some tips to pull off a surprise vacation for your spouse.

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Think About His or Her Reaction

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You might be dreaming of a surprise vacation, but is your spouse? Some people don't like surprises and could be turned off by this. Other spouses might be angry that you spent a large sum of money without consulting them or letting hem partake in the planning. In that case, you might surprise your spouse with the funds for the trip and a couple of suggestions on where to go, and then decide on a spot and pay together. Make sure you are thinking about your spouse's wishes and not your own. You may love this idea, but it might not be right for your other half. 

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Keep It a Secret

Once you've settled on surprising your husband with a vacation, you have to keep your mouth shut about the trip. Obviously, any research to find flights, hotels and places to visit must be done when your spouse is not around. Avoid phone calls with friends, family or travel agents, who might reference the trip when your spouse is with you. That's all a given.

But there are also less obvious ways you might spoil the surprise. Your spouse probably looks at your credit card bill every month, and charges could give away your plans (or, worse, have your spouse thinking you're having an affair). Instead, buy a credit gift card for the amount you plan to spend (or get a few of them for an expensive trip). There will be no paper trail to spoil the surprise.

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Be Smart About Scheduling

Be sure to coordinate your schedules and be thoughtful about your schedules. If you're planning a longer trip, then you have to clear it with his or her boss and you may not be able to do that. You may need to tell your spouse sooner than later so that he or she can negotiate the time off with a superior at work. If the surprise interferes with his or her job, it may not be the best idea. For instance, if your spouse is a CPA, a trip right before tax day may not be as relaxing as you may think.

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Splurge on Presentation

One guy dressed like a mouse to surprise his wife with a trip to Disney World. Other spouses set up scavenger hunts with tickets as the final find. And a few other couples have waited until they were leaving for the airport to tell their spouse their plans. (Of course, if you take that route, you have to pack for him or her, too.) This is the fun part, so come up with something good that will most please your spouse.

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Avoid a Flop

The internet is littered with stories about surprise vacations gone awry. For starters, you must buy traveler's insurance for this trip because one of you doesn't know about it, and you never know what might come up that will cause you to cancel and lose your money. Also, be careful about how you break the news. Most people who have a negative reaction to a vacation surprise thought they were going somewhere else, so don't lie about the destination once you tell your spouse about the trip. (Unless he or she really enjoys true adventures!)