How to Sugar Hair using Paste


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Make Sugaring Paste

Before we show you how to sugar, you'll need to make the paste. Our sugaring recipe is simple to make with ingredients you probably already have at home costing a couple dollars and it's all natural.
After you have made the recipe, wait until it's cooled down to room temperature before attempting hair removal. We don't want anyone to get burned!

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Prepare Skin for Sugar Paste

Skin will need to be cleansed of lotions and oils so the sugar paste doesn't slide off the skin. With a cotton ball or square, use a pre-wax skin cleanser specially made for use before sugaring or waxing because it contains anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help protect skin from irritation and break-outs from hair removal.

If you don't have a special cleanser to use before hair removal, take a bath or shower and wash skin thoroughly, but hold off on applying any serums, moisturizers or lotions.

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Apply Powder for Sugaring at Home

Before sugaring at home, apply a light dusting of baby powder, cornstarch or powder for waxing and rub softly into skin. Remember, more isn't better. Applying too much powder will interfere with removing the hair. Powder acts as a buffer helping the paste to grasp the hair better and stick less to skin.

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Grab Sugaring Paste

If you have made the sugaring paste on the same day and have waited for it to cool down, you can use it while it has a little bit of warmth to it. If it's been stored then you can soften it up a bit. Microwave it for five seconds at a time on high until it's soft and you're able to spread it without too much effort.

Take out a good scoop for the body. If you're going to use it for you face, then take a smaller section.

It can be fairly sticky to work with, especially if it's humid out. So you may want to wear gloves.

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Place Sugaring Paste in Hand

The sugaring paste will be like a big blob in your hand, but don't apply it to your skin just yet.

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Make Sugaring Product into Ball

Now you will take the sugaring product and roll it into a ball. Don't press too hard, just work it lightly in your hands for a couple of seconds. When you do apply it, the paste will be warmed up a bit by your body heat go on more evenly.

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Apply Sugar to Hair

You're now going to apply sugar to hair in the opposite direction of growth firmly allowing the paste to spread as you somewhat slowly pull it. You need to use some pressure and feel like you're pressing the paste against the skin for it to stick. You're not just laying it on top of the hair.

This technique can take some getting used to, but using the paste over sugar gel has its advantages. The paste can remove hair as short as 1/16", whereas the gel which is performed similarly to waxing needs at least 1/4".

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Sugaring Hair Off

You're now going to be sugaring hair off holding skin taut with your free hand (since I was sugaring my arm I couldn't) using a fast flicking motion with your hand and removing the paste in the same direction of hair growth.

You don't want to pull your hand up, but aim for way over to the other side. If you pull your hand straight up there's more chance of missing hair or breaking it.

Removing hair in the same direction of growth also helps to avoid breaking the hair follicle either above or below the skin's surface. This means, you'll get longer-lasting hair-free results and avoid pesky ingrown hairs.

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Removing all Hair and Finishing

If all of the sugar doesn't come off, just put the sugar that's already in your hand with the part that's left and remove in the same fast, flicking motion.

Continuing the Process

Keep working in sections on the area that you're removing hair. One section of paste can be made into a ball again and re-applied a couple times and then needs to be thrown away. If you miss some hair, you can apply it over the same area skin more than once (unlike waxing) but I wouldn't recommend it more than a couple times. As soon as it begins to begins to feel too sticky or isn't removing the hair, throw it away.

Where to Sugar

This paste is great for sugaring the body like on your legs, arms, bikini zone- virtually anywhere. It's also wonderful to use on your face, but I would be extremely careful on your eyebrows. I wouldn't try eyebrow shaping with the paste until you really get this technique down. Otherwise, you could be left with a really bad shape from taking hairs you weren't intending.


Once you're all done, just rinse area with soap and water. It's water soluble. This is another plus over waxing, which isn't can't be removed with just soap and water but needs an oil-based product to remove it.

To calm skin and lessen redness and irritation apply an after wax cooling product to lessen any redness or stinging. Because hands can carry a lot of bacteria, try to avoid touching the sugared area the first 24 hours to avoid irritation and potential pimples.

Questions? See: Sugaring Hair Removal Recipe F.A.Q.