How to Style Hair: 13 Tricks Every Woman Should Know

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Trimming Bangs, Shampoo Tips, Blowdrying Like a Pro and Much More

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When it comes to styling your hair, why pay the big bucks at a salon when you can get salon-perfect results at home? Here are 13 hairstyling tricks every woman should know. 

Find out how to give yourself a professional blow dry, how to flat iron hair so it's as sleek as glass and then find out why you've been shampooing your hair wrong all these years.


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How to Trim Your Own Bangs in a Pinch

Trimming bangs
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Bangs need to be trimmed every 4-6 weeks or so and while most salons offer free bang trims to their clients (ask if you are unsure), there may be times when you have to do it yourself.

The secret to great bangs is scissors or blades specifically designed for cutting hair, and cut your bangs when they're dry. (Groan).

Find out how to properly trim your own bangs in How to Trim Bangs.

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How to Properly Shampoo Your Hair

Woman shampooing hair in shower
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Most people use a dollop of shampoo and scrub it into the hair. But doing so can actually cause your hair to break and frizz. Learning how to wash your hair properly can make a world of a difference. Find out more in 9 Mistakes People Make When Shampooing Their Hair.

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How to Go Days Between Washing Hair

Talcum Bottle
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The secret to going days between washing hair is dry shampoo or baby powder.

It's a miracle worker. Spritz it on your roots, your crown and your hairline at the first sign of grease. The stuff soaks it right up and you'll gain a day or 2 more between shampoos.

But there is a correct way to apply it. Find out more in How to Choose (& Properly Use) Dry Shampoo.

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Give Yourself a Professional Blowout

Woman blow drying hair.
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All it takes for a salon-perfect blow dry at home is 15-30 minutes, a good brush and the right technique. While that may seem like a huge amount of time, consider that a good blow out should last you a couple days at least, even more if you use a good dry shampoo.

Find out how to give yourself the perfect blowdry that will rival a salon job.

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Get the full scoop in The Perfect Blowout: How to Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Professional

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How to Blow Dry Your Bangs

Woman with bangs
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Bangs are a great way to change up your hairstyle. If you have bangs, you should learn how to properly blow dry them. The secret to avoiding the dreaded "bubble bangs" is to not use a round brush on them (or use it but don't wind the bangs around them) and instead brush hair back and forth across your forehead as you direct the air on them from your dryer.

Get more information in this piece, Avoid "Bubble Bangs": How to Properly Dry Your Bangs

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How to Properly Apply Product to Hair

How to get beachy waves
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Yes, there's a right way to get the stuff in that bottle onto your hair and it does not involve spritzing your hair to death and then immediately blow drying hair. You basically want to work the hair product in. Do it right and your hair will never look better.

Get the full scoop in How to Properly Apply Hair Products.

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How to Color Your Own Hair

Hair colouring
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With modern dyes, you can get professional hair color at home.

As long as you aren't going more than 2 shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color, doing your own color is an option. You can even use a box brand to give yourself highlights or cover up gray roots

Even if you don't color your own hair, it's a good trick to know when called upon by a daughter, sister or friend to help her color her hair out of a box. Sometimes a good dye job takes  multiple sets of hands.

Learn more in how to color your own hair at home.

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How to Detangle Hair

Woman combing and detangling hair.
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Detangling fine hair can be challenging. Working out the knots can rip the delicate hair. The best way to manage it is when the hair is damp and using a wide-toothed comb.

Find out more in How to Detangle Fine Hair.

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How to Get "I Just Returned From the Beach" Perfect Waves

Woman with beachy hair.
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Beachy waves are never going out of style. And since most of us have at least some wave in our hair, it's good to know how to get this look on your own without buying a ticket to a Caribbean destination.

This look is especially stylish on shoulder-length hair. It's actually quite easy, it just takes time, the right tools and products and a bit of patience. Find out more inThe Secret to Beachy, Wavy Hair.

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How to Flat Iron Hair

How to flat iron hair
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Even if you'd never flat iron your own hair, you never know if you'll be called upon for a friend or daughter.

A flat iron can be a wavy girl's best friend, but you can damage hair if you overuse a flat iron or misuse it. Get the scoop on how to properly use a flat iron.

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How to Find Your Natural Part

Woman with a natural part.
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We all have a natural part in our hair. Here's how to find yours.

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How to Tease Hair

Woman with teased hair.
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Every once in awhile, when hair is flat and limp, a bit of a tease goes a long way. But don't go all out -- a full head of teased hair doesn't look good on anyone.

Here's directions on how to tease hair.

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How to Save $$$ on Haircare and Products

Female hand putting a coin into piggy bank
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Unless you're rolling in the dough, you could be saving tons on your hair products and hair care. Every woman should know when to spend and when to save. Get these tips and more in 23 tips to save on haircuts, color and care.