How to Style a Corset Like a Celebrity

Street-style corset
  Christian Vierig / Contributor /  Getty Images 

Women have used corsets to create dramatic curves for centuries. Today, this timeless look is hotter than ever. From the Kardashian sisters taking selfies at the gym, to bohemian style on the red carpet, there are endless ways celebrities make corsets a part of their everyday wardrobes and special-occasion outfits.

In this article, we look at some of the hottest trends that the stars are showing off—plus how you can imitate them.

Corset Trend: the Waist Trainer Workout Band

Kim Kardashian has made this sexy garment iconic. Look through her Instagram selfies and you'll see her sporting her favorite waist trainer with its bold blue color and hourglass-forming design. This waist-training corset helps Kim instantly trim inches from her waistline—and look great doing it.  

Not to be outdone by their sister, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have shown off their tiny waists in corsets as well. The trend spread like wildfire over the last few years, as other celebs, like Jessica Alba and Blac Chyna, have confessed to loving these high-compression shapers.

How they work:

Workout waist trainers are hot right now because they can provide a huge workout boost at the gym—they can be especially effective for new moms who are trying to get their pre-baby bodies back after pregnancy. The Kardashians refer to waist trainers as their secret weapons!

Wearing a waist training corset during workouts stimulates heat in your core, helping you sweat harder and make your workouts more effective.

Get the look: Ann Chery is a leading high-quality, affordable brand in this style of waist trainer and comes in various styles and colors.

Corset Trend: the Hidden Waist Trainer

Not only are celebs showing off their corsets in their gym selfies, but they’re also waist training around the clock to keep the waistlines super-slim.

Again, the Kardashians lead the way.

On her Instagram feed, Khloe showed how she hides her secret under a simple top and jeans. Her sister Kim reportedly sticks to a strict waist training regimen—wearing them regularly under her everyday clothes—to maintain her signature hourglass curves.

Jessica Alba has also reported that the secret to losing her baby weight was dedicated waist training for several months following her pregnancy. Others who have been rumored to follow suit include Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner.

How it works:

Daily waist training can supplement a healthy diet and fitness plan. By wearing a corset for 8–12 hours a day, you can increase thermal activity and perspiration in your core, improve your posture during wear, and help control your food portions. Plus, looking sexy while wearing your corset can be a huge motivator to help you stick to your goals.

Get the look: the most popular type of daily waist training corset is a high-compression latex cincher. Some women prefer a more traditional steel-boned corset that laces up the back. Both types are effective at providing the compression needed to slim down your waistline.

Corset Trend: the Overbust

This is a classic burlesque style that many celebs have flaunted on the red carpet, on stage, and at other public appearances.

It's a fun and sexy way to show your individual style.

Celebrities who have been seen doing it include Christina Aguilera (who was seen sporting a halter corset), Gemma Arteton (who flaunted a lacy steel-boned overbust style) and of course Angelina Jolie, who rocked a stunning corset dress in the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Celeb photographers have also snapped Katie Perry and Beyonce sporting this sexy overbust style.

Get the look: the possibilities are endless. You can look for styles at costume and lingerie shops (just because it’s lingerie doesn’t mean you can’t rock it as outerwear!). Higher-quality, more durable corsets are constructed with steel boning.

Corset Trend: the Underbust

There are also a number of fashion expressions that celebs are making with underbust style corsets. While you might traditionally think of these as styles of lingerie or shapewear, they double as chic and sexy outerwear.

Celebrity fashion followers may remember seeing pics of Beyonce pairing a corset beautifully with a blouse.

Get the look: pair a steel-boned underbust corset with your favorite blouse or dress.

Corset Trend: the Corset Dress

When it comes to the red carpet look (and weddings too), designers love the corset dress.

In 2012, Meryl Streep rocked a regal black corset dress at the Orange British Academy Film Awards in London. And who can forget when Gwyneth Paltrow turned heads in her revealing corset dress, designed by Antonio Berardiar, back in 2009.  At the 2014 "Guys Choice" awards, Jessica Alba was glowing in her jaw-dropping skinny dress, which featured mesh cut-out corset detailing.

Other celebrities who've rocked the corset dress include Taylor Swift, Kate Moss, and Shakira.

Some Final Thoughts

Keep in mind: you don't need to be a celebrity or a runway model to replicate these same sexy looks yourself. The beauty of corset-style fashion is that the corset does the work for you.

Whether you go for latex workout bands or dramatic steel-boned corsets, these garments slim your waistline by inches—instantly—to give you the same hourglass curves you've seen on the red carpet.