How to Style a Bodysuit From Day to Night

Style Tips for Wearing the Most Versatile Item in Your Closet: The Bodysuit!

Bodysuits are one of the most versatile wardrobe items you can own because they are easy to layer and stay tucked in. Plus, they're so easy to dress up or dress down. You can easily swap out some plain heels for a sexy boot and go right from the office to drinks. Or stop home and keep your bodysuit on from work, only to revamp it with a gorgeous skirt for a gala. It's easy to create the look you want with just a few accessories, clothing items, and style ideas. Want to give it a try? Below are a few style tips for wearing a bodysuit for day or for night. 

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Faux Leather Bodysuit: Daytime

Commando Bodysuit

There are a lot of great basic, black bodysuits out there. And almost every wardrobe can benefit from a bodysuit in basic black. One brand that makes bodysuits in several different cuts, shapes, and materials is Commando. This company is mostly known for their seamless undergarments, and is quickly gaining a reputation in the bodysuit department. 

When you're ready to kick things up a notch from the basic black, try something like this Faux Leather Bodysuit from Commando. The bottom panty portion is made of their signature raw cut edge for a seamless look. The top is a faux leather material with a little bit of a racerback cut. This sleeveless look is edgy and elegant. 

For daytime wear, don't shy away from mixing things up. This rocker top looks great with lace up jeans, cut up pants, or even white denim. Make sure your white denim is high quality and thick enough that the black portion of the bodysuit won't show through. 

To keep things casual (and comfortable — always so important) try some all black sneakers. They're the perfect combination of casual and chic, just like a faux leather backpack. You can trot around town or run errands on the weekend without looking like a slob. 

And if it's chilly, wrap up in a simple sweatshirt, or go a little more glam and let the bodysuit show off by keeping this metallic bomber jacket unzipped. Add in some sunnies and a baseball hat for the true daytime look vibe. 

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Faux Leather Bodysuit: Nighttime

Commando bodysuit

This faux leather bodysuit can go glam, too, for a gala, a wedding, or even the opera. It's easy to dress up something so chic! 

Try pairing this bodysuit with a long, pleated maxi skirt. Something in satin, silk, or even tulle is perfect. The softness of the flowing skirt will ease up on the hard edge of the bodysuit. Dark jewel tones like this wine or garnet color are always in, and add instant glam.

Add in some glitz — and really go for it! Try some large cluster earrings with lots of sparkle. Layer up on the jewelry or keep it simple with one statement piece. 

Choose a classic and shimmering heel to wear — just make sure you can walk with grace. Nothing looks more chic and elegant than a woman who walks with confidence and ease. And don't forget to stow away a lipstick (try a dark berry) and your phone in a velvet handbag. Once again, the soft texture gives this leather look a more graceful appearance. Not to mention, velvet is so in right now. Traditionally, an evening bag is smaller, so stick to just the essentials in your small purse. 

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Lace Bodysuit: Daytime

Fleur't Bodysuit

A lace bodysuit is so classic. You can find them at a fashion and clothing store, or venture to a lingerie shop! This Cheekini Bodysuit from Fleur't With Me is a great option. It's under $50, and is available in traditional black, or a bold fashion color like "Coastline". Though it's sheer, it does offer a bit of bust support and has adjustable straps and back band for a supportive fit. If you're worried about headlights showing through, don a pair of skin tone nipple covers or wear a bralette underneath. 

To take this bodysuit for a spin during the day, keep things simple but gorgeous. Pair a soft silk blouse over it. A button up blouse can easily be worn open to reveal a bit of the lace, in a complimentary color. Or you can keep it buttoned up and keep it to yourself. Let a pendant necklace drape down your chest as an invitation to see what's below. Keep both colors light and breezy for daytime. 

On the bottom, light colored wide leg denim keeps things casual. Usually denim is thick enough that you won't have to worry about any lace from the bodysuit showing through. And cap it off with an easy to wear, slip on mule shoe to complete this laid back look. When it comes to makeup there's no need to overdo it. A simple lip gloss and a coat of mascara may be all that you need. Even though you're wearing a sexy lace teddy, you can still keep things tame.

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Lace Bodysuit: Nighttime

Fleur't Bodysuit

Nighttime is for taking risks and being daring! Try the same bodysuit from above with a plunging-down-to-there dress. The bodysuit acts as a fashionable camisole, keeping some things to the imagination. The fun print lends itself to the colorful bodysuit, and calls on you to have some fun.

So glitz it up with a fun golden clutch, classic (but whimsical) mary jane shoes, and a simple (but bold) pearl ring. Mix things up and let your artistic side show. Bodysuits often provide the coverage necessary to let your confidence shine through. Plus, they stay tucked in and in place underneath dresses, so you won't have to worry all night about a shifting tank or bunching underwear. And that's certainly confidence boosting. 

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Kimono Bodysuit: Daytime

Torrid bodysuit

Bodysuits are typically sleek and snug, but they can also have a more flowing top connected to a panty. It can be a great way to get a blousy look without having to worry about your blouse becoming untucked. For plus size fashionistas, try this Floral Print Georgette Bodysuit from Torrid. It's so flowing and feminine, and easy to take from day to night with a few clothing and accessory swaps.

For daytime, tune into the 1970s vibe. Try a pair of light colored, flare jeans. They're just as easy going as the bell sleeves on top! Speaking of top, keep that seventies vibe going in a floppy hat. Typically, though not always, items with less structure have a more casual vibe, which makes them great for dressing things down — and the same is true for hats.

Wear a favorite pair of booties, and try something different like a colorblock bootie in complimentary colors. The soft pink and deep wine color are great for Fall. And finally, add in a soft touch with a rosy pendant necklace. Keep in mind, you can use fashion tape to keep this wrap top in place over a plunging bra. Show as little or as much cleavage as you like!

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Kimono Bodysuit: Nighttime

Torrid bodysuit

The dramatic sleeves of this bodysuit are begging you to take them out for a night on the town. Try a structured, faux leather pencil skirt as a stark contrast to the flowing top. Or even a mini skirt! 

Add in a pop of whimsy with a funky ring, or another fun accessory. And keep the good times going with pom pom pumps. Who says fashion has to be so serious? 

To truly glam it up, go with a high end bag with an always appropriate message: Love. Want to love your outfit? Make sure that you buy styles that you can wear again and again. A classic pencil skirt, sensible heels, and a wear-it-multiple-ways bodysuit are a great start. 

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Long Sleeve Lace: Daytime

Black lace is always a good idea. This Giapenta Wynwood Lace Plunge Bodysuit is an especially good idea. First, it's made with TempPro™ fabric, which helps regulate body temperature. As if you needed more, the geometric lace design on the front is complimented beautifully by an open back. This bodysuit does a great job of showing here and covering there, too, with a low cut plunge neckline and long sleeve. 

You may think this outfit is only for nighttime, but try it out for daytime, too! Perhaps, wear it to work with a simple pair of black pants. Keep the open back covered in an elegant blazer in a soothing color. The light color keeps things airy and soft.

Keep your work files and important documents in a classic black bag, or even a briefcase. And be ready to keep up the pace from meeting to meeting in a low heel pump. And don't forget to keep a pair of sunglasses handy. It is daytime, after all! So step outside with confidence and take on whatever the day throws your way.

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Long Sleeve Lace: Nighttime

Open back, elegant lace sleeves, daring neckline — this bodysuit is made for the night. Let the open back work its magic by keeping it uncovered for the world to see. Pair it with a mini skirt in a soft hue for a sexy but soft look. The angles of this one are a great match for the geometric design on top.

Add in some stunning thigh high boots made of suede. Just like the lace sleeves, the extra coverage is actually what makes this item so sexy.

Let a low hanging tassel necklace dance in the plunging neckline, all night long. And keep a calling card in your purse, just in case you meet a handsome stranger out on the town. Anything is possible when you wear something you love.