How to Strip for Your Husband

Your husband and you probably just get naked or rip each other's clothes off when you're ready for sex. But why not make the experience hotter by performing a striptease for your husband? You don't have to be a professional dancer or model to pull this off. Just remember that your husband loves you and your body, and he will be wowed by your desire to please him. Just keep it simple. You don't have to invest in a pole and start swinging and hanging and performing stunts. Here's how to simply strip for your husband:

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Set the mood.

Make sure you have a clean space, free of clutter, so you'll be able to move around easily. Set up a chair for your man somewhere in the room that will make it possible for you to walk all the way around him when he is sitting. Most people don't have a stripper pole in their house, so you might want to set up a stool for yourself, so that you have a prop that you can use to show off your legs or stabilize yourself while removing clothing. Of course, shut the lights and use candles or throw sheer scarves over your lamps for flattering and sexy lighting. Your romantic bedroom or cozy living room make for the perfect place.

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Pick your wardrobe.

Even though you'll be taking them off, your clothes will set the right tone, so choose wisely. You want something sexy, in which you'll feel your most confident. This is a personal choice. You could wear your favorite dress, a business suit, or a nightie. Some advice that many a stripper has shared is that outfits that leave a lot to the imagination while still showing off your curves are usually a big hit. Also, don't pick something with lots of buttons or zippers or is so tight that you can't take it off. You want to be able to remove items of clothing with ease.

As important as your outerwear is your underwear. Matching bra and panties are a must. Other lingerie could work, too. Lots of guys prefer a thong. But you should wear something in which you are comfortable and that you think makes you look your best.

While high heels and knee-high boots will make a statement, you don't have to wear them if you think you'll fall. Even bare feet would work. It's much sexier if you don't incur an injury.

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Make yourself up.

Even if you're an all-natural kind of woman, you should put on some make-up (at the very least some noticeable lipstick) and do your hair. You could wear it up and then take it down during the striptease. Or you could just leave it down and go for that bed-head look, as if you just woke up. Make sure your hair is washed because you want to elicit the desire for him to run his fingers through your hair.

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Don't let him touch you.

Part of the fun of a striptease is that the audience, in this case your husband, can look but can't touch. By enforcing this rule, you will make your man wild with anticipation. It will definitely heighten both his arousal and the sexual experience. And you can touch him but only a little bit and not in an obvious place (like his privates). Stroke his neck or brush up against his side or whisper in his ear.

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Put on some music.

You might feel awkward with no background noise. So, turn on the tunes. Pick something with a good beat and appropriate language for a striptease. You could choose something obvious, such as Britney Spears' "I'm a Slave 4 U" or more sultry, such as Madonna's "Justify My Love." It's up to you. Just be sure that it's the kind of music you can move to.

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Do a cat walk.

Pretend you're a model and strut your stuff. Put your hand on your hip and walk with your head held high and your back straight as can be. Put one foot in front of another. Swing your hips a bit if you can. This is a great entrance and will put you in the proper position to perform. You must ooze confidence, so think strong thoughts.

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Take your clothes off.

Be sure to take your clothes off one piece at a time. Start from the top and move down. Remove eye glasses and let down your hair, for instance, before moving to your top. Since this is a striptease (with emphasis on the tease), you should not just take an item off. You should first hint at it by pulling on your collar or undoing a button, doing it again, and then undoing it again. Run your fingers along the length of your skirt before you actually take it off. Tug at your panties (which should be the last item you remove) before you pull them away from your skin. You get the idea.

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Learn some moves.

Again, you don't have to perform any type of acrobatics or even advanced dance moves. But you might get some ideas online. There are lots of YouTube videos, for instance, that offer instruction on performing a hot striptease. Some moves are obvious but you might want to practice first. Put your leg up on the stool and slowly roll down your thigh high stockings. Turn around, so your back is to your husband, and unhook your bra. Then, turn around, hold your bra against your breasts and roll your hips a bit before throwing your bra to the side and caressing your bosom. Stand with your legs spread apart and your back to your husband as you start to remove your panties. Then, turn around and let them fall to your ankles before you step out of one side and use your other leg to toss them aside.

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Take your time removing each item of clothing. Remember this is a tease, so your husband should be excited but also somewhat tortured. He can't get enough of your beautiful body, and he wants to jump on top of you. But this is foreplay. Get the idea? You should go slowly to make it even more delightfully painful.

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Touch yourself.

You don't have to go crazy here. But lightly caress your your skin with your fingertips to give your husband the idea that you're turned on and that you'd like him to touch you later on. And feel free to end your striptease by stripping hubby. He won't mind in the least bit.