How to Store Bras the Right Way

Did you know that how your store your bras matters? Along with washing them properly, the way you store your bras can affect how long they last, the shape they provide, and even how well they support your bust. So do some sprucing up in your boudoir and use these bra storage tips to keep them neat and tidy. 

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Don't Crush the Cups

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Are you guilty of folding one cup into the other before storing your bras? You're in good company. This is often shown as the most common way to fold up and pack away bras. But if you wear a push up bra or a molded cup, it's actually ruining your bra! A molded bra is a type of bra with a preformed, usually seamless, often thick cup. When you fold in one of those cups, you invert the shape which often results in a dented, creased, or misshapen cup. The whole purpose of a molded bra is to mold your bust to the shape of the cup. So if you dent or warp it, you'll walk around with that shape. 

Instead of inverting one cup, keep both cups puffed up. You can stack or line up bras one behind the other keeping the cups in line. Unhook the back band if that makes it easier to stack, but keep in mind that hooks can easily get caught on lace or other materials. Instead, try making sure you use a drawer or container with ample space so you can keep the backs hooked and cups happy. 

If you don't wear molded cup bras, you can fold your bras in half. Just be sure not to twist or tangle your bra. And be sure to hook the backs first, and tuck the band and the straps inside the cup before folding over to keep them from getting caught, snagged, or pulled. You'll avoid accidentally catching the bra and stretching it out (or worse!) that way. 

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Make Room

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Speaking of space, where do you store your bras? If the answer is in a dirty clothes bin, or in the back of a cramped drawer, chances are you are not taking great care of them. As mentioned before about molded cups, bras need a little room to keep from getting crushed. Plus, you risk bending underwires or even causing them to pop out if you're stuffing them into an overcrowded drawer. Instead, clear out a 3D space that is tall and wide enough to accompany molded cup bras.

This may mean moving your bras to their own dedicated drawer. If that's not an option, try using a pretty, large box or even a vintage suitcase to stow away your bras and delicates. 

For your non molded cup bras, you still need room to avoid crushing the underwires. And to make it easier to find your lace bra styles, try filing them in a box all facing the same way. Either insert the box into the drawer to section off the space just for these bras, or display the pretty box out in the open with a lid. When you're ready to put on a bra you can sift through them like you would CDs or records and pick out the one that suits your mood.

Keep in mind that making room also means saying goodbye to styles you no longer wear, sizes that no longer fit, and bras that no longer support. Take inventory of the bras that are taking up space and let them go. If they're in great condition still you can donate them to organizations that empower women like Free the Girls or Support the Girls. If they're truly dead and gone show a little gratitude and then toss them. Too hard to put them into the trash? You can also donate worn out bras to The Bra Recyclers!

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Accessories and Hacks

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When it comes to bra storage, the most important tips are having enough space and not inverting cups. Really! But if you want to get fancy with your bra storage, try using some snazzy storage solutions made specifically for keeping your bras looking their best. Here are a few fun options: 

  • 5-Section Boobie Trap Bra Organizer - seen here, these plastic molded cup separators help bras keep their shape. It's best suited for a small to moderate bust size.
  • Tank Top Organizer - Not just for tank tops, this handy hanger has several small hooks on which you can slip bra straps to keep bras hanging in a descending line. This is great if you have space to hang bras in a closet!
  • Bra in a Drawer Bra Storage Protector - This box has compartments built-in to keep your bras upright and puffed up. Load it up with bras and stick it in a drawer, on a shelf, or even under the bed!
  • Bra Travel Case - These adorable cases come in two sizes and fit a handful of bras each.They're great for keeping bras from getting crushed in your suitcase, or your armoire.

Bonus idea! Line your bra drawer or box with pretty scented paper or tuck a lingerie sachet filled with lavender inside for fresh smelling bras.