How to Stop Feeling Lonely

Lonely man.
Jeffbergen/E+/Getty Images 

When you're single, it's not uncommon to have feelings of loneliness from time to time. You may see your friends who are coupled up and find yourself longing for that kind of companionship and closeness. However, while you may be unattached, you shouldn't let the fact that you don't have a plus one keep you down or make you feel sad and alone. There are seven key steps you can take right now to combat these feelings of loneliness for good.

1. Pursue Your Passions

If you're feeling lonely, it's important to devote your time and energy to activities and pursuits that make you happy. For example, if you love to sing, draw, or run, why not join a choir, take an art class, or participate in a running group where you can meet people while doing an activity you enjoy? By letting your passions lead you in the right direction, you're putting yourself in the perfect position to meet others who also share your interests. 

2. Surround Yourself With Your Support System

When you're battling feelings of loneliness, it's critical that you reach out and make plans with friends, family members, and other people you care about. In order to keep lonely feelings at bay, you should make a concerted effort to spend time with people who are important to you and who deeply care about you and your well-being. When you make seeing people who bring you joy a real priority, you're taking steps toward battling your feelings of loneliness once and for all.

3. Volunteer 

If you're feeling lonely, another rewarding option is to volunteer. Whether you're serving food, reading to a child, or helping dogs at a shelter, volunteering your time helps to provide you with an automatic community to join who will welcome you with open arms. Even more importantly, by volunteering, you're able to do something good and truly make a positive impact in the lives of others.

And when you're able to see how much of a change you can make, this can help you feel less lonely in the world.

4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

When you're dealing with lonely feelings, another important step is to push yourself in new directions. For instance, doing something you've never done before, such as taking a yoga or spinning class, going horseback riding, or learning how to play guitar, can help you combat feelings of loneliness by opening new doors for you and teaching you new skills. By saying "yes" more and pushing yourself, you're putting yourself in the position to take real strides in fighting feelings of loneliness by becoming a more proactive person.

5. Change Your Dating Outlook

If you're feeling lonely because you're single, it's time to take a step back and remember how awesome you are and how fun dating can be. If you continue to think that "dating sucks," that you're never going to meet someone, and that you're destined to be alone forever, this negative mindset is going to shape your actions in a destructive way and end up preventing you from finding true love. However, if you take a more positive approach to dating and focus on the good rather than the bad, you're putting yourself in an even better position to fight lonely feelings and meet the right person.

6. Keep Dating

With this in mind, if singlehood is causing you to feel lonely, it's imperative that you continue dating and meeting people. Even if you keep having bad date after bad date, you still should take steps toward finding the right person by putting yourself out there as much as possible. If you're feeling sad that you haven't met someone but aren't truly being assertive, then you're not doing everything you can to beat these lonely feelings. By joining dating apps, going speed dating, and attending singles events, you're taking real strides toward finding someone special. 

7. Seek Professional Help

If you're dealing with lonely feelings, another great option is to seek out a therapist and trained mental health professional. This person can provide you with advice, support, as well as personalized strategies to combat feelings of loneliness.

Reaching out to a trained professional is a terrific option if you're struggling with lonely feelings that just won't seem to subside.