How to Spot and Avoid Buying Fake UGG Boots

Why You Should Dodge the Copycats

UGG Boots
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Despite what you may have read in your favorite fashion magazine, UGG® boots continue to be popular. While they may not sell as well as they once did, around the holidays, boots from UGG® Australia can be notoriously difficult to find. This can lead to desperation and if someone on your list has their heart set on a pair of UGGs, you may want to jump at the first website that claims to have them in stock — maybe even at half-price.

So what's the problem with quick and cheap UGGs? Well, you might be buying fakes. There is a huge market for counterfeit brand name shoes and especially for UGGs. Unfortunately, there are loads of websites that advertise UGG® Australia products, when they're really selling imitations and knock-offs.

In some cases, you may send your money and not receive a product at all; let's face it, individuals and companies that lie about what they're selling probably aren't going to lose a lot of sleep over whether or not you're a satisfied customer. But you can take measures to determine if you're dealing with a reputable seller of UGG boots.

Finding Sites That Sell Authentic UGG© Boots

So, how do you know whether or not you're getting authentic UGG® Australia boots and not an imitation product?

Thanks to a series of tools and articles provided on the official UGG® Australia site, it's actually fairly simple. In addition to tools that will help you find authorized resellers, they have a really cool Counterfeit Site Look-Up, as well as loads of information on how to avoid the fakes.

Be sure to check them out before you go boot shopping to ensure that you're buying genuine products.

  • UGG® Australia Flagship Stores
  • Authorized Retailers of UGG® Australia Products
  • Authorized Online Retailers of UGG® Boots
  • Counterfeit Education
    **Click on "How to avoid it" to find tips for avoiding fake UGG® boots, as well as a tool that will let you check whether or not an online retailer is authorized to sell UGG® Australia Products).

The Difference Between Ugg Boots and "UGG Australia Boots"

It's also important to note that in some parts of the world, particularly Australia, the word "Ugg" is a generic term for a style of Australian sheepskin boots. However, in the United States and in the European Union, the word UGG is a trademark registered to Deckers Outdoor Corporation, the manufacturer of UGG© Australia boots.

So, some sites that aren't listed as being authorized to sell UGG® Australia products may be selling genuine Australian sheepskin boots. And depending on what part of the world they're in, they may be legally using the term "UGGs." But if it's an authentic UGG® Australia product you're looking for, be sure to visit the official site at

Wrapping Up

The strategies you use to help avoid buying fake UGGs may also help you avoid fakes from other brands. If you want to avoid imitation clothing, footwear and accessories of any kind, go to the manufacturer's website to read tips or contact their customer service via email or phone.