5 Key Steps to Save a Relationship

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If you feel as though your relationship is on the rocks, it can be hard to know how to proceed. Perhaps your partner betrayed your trust, or maybe the two of you have been fighting non-stop and can't seem to find common ground. And when you have moments like these when your relationship is being tested, the good news is that there are five key steps you can take to help you save your relationship and prevent an impending breakup.

1. Decide if Your Relationship Is Worth Saving

If you're wondering how to save your relationship, the first step is actually to ask yourself why you want your relationship to last. In most cases, this means refocusing on the reasons why you got together in the first place, remembering the amazing moments you once had as a couple, and understanding what it was that drew you to your partner when your relationship began. Once you're able to reexamine the good rather than fixating on the bad and fully know in your heart that you want your relationship to last, you'll be in a better position to take steps toward saving your rocky relationship and putting yourself on the road to relationship recovery. 

2. Communicate Even More

Once you've determined that your relationship is worth saving, the next step is to work on improving your communication skills. If you're used to giving your partner one-word answers, barely opening up to him or her, and keeping your true feelings deep inside rather than sharing them out loud, it's imperative that you modify these behaviors going forward so that you and your partner can have a more open and honest relationship.

For many people in couples today, a large part of why their romantic relationship seems to be dwindling is that they aren't actually opening up to their partner and aren't fully communicating about what's on their minds. And when your goal is to save your relationship, sharing your true feelings has to be a top priority.

3. Shake Things Up

When you're looking to get out of a relationship rut and save your connection with your partner, another important step is to change up your usual routine. In many instances, a relationship can feel stale and sour because it's the same thing over and over again. For example, you may go to the same restaurants, do the same weekend activities, and spend night after night watching the same shows together, and this can make your relationship feel boring, mundane, and unappealing. However, when you opt to spice things up in your relationship, whether this means trying new activities as a couple, going on a romantic trip together, and breaking out of your normal routine, this can help to refresh your relationship and reignite the flame that once burned between the two of you. 

4. Forgive Your Partner

Another key way to save your relationship is to let go of grievances that you have against your partner and choose to look forward rather than backward. For instance, if your partner was unfaithful to you, it can be challenging to not let this prevent you from fully trusting your partner again and having the kind of connection that you once shared. However, if your goal is to save your relationship, it's in the best interest for the health of your relationship as well as your own mental, physical, and emotional health to let go of this pain and not hold it against your partner day after day.

After all, if you don't think that you can trust your partner again, then your relationship isn't worth saving in the first place. But if you truly want to move forward as a couple, then you have to look toward the future and remove the heavy burden that this infidelity has placed upon you. 

5. Consider Counseling 

If your goal is to save your relationship, an important option worth considering is counseling. Not only can a trained professional give you and your partner honest and unbiased feedback, but he or she can provide you both with the right tools to make your relationship stronger. And by meeting with a counselor both as a couple and individually, you and your partner will be able to truly benefit from the counselor's point of view and tips for improving the health of your relationship.