How to Reduce Frizz in Men's Curly Hair

Keeping Your Curls Looking Great

Man with curly hair
 Westend61/Getty Images

I find there is nothing that looks better than a thick head of curly hair. Keeping those curls from becoming frizzy or too fluffy is fairly easy. It's all about control. Taming that curly mane is important to maintaining a well-groomed look.

To control frizz and reduce volume, work with the hair when it's wet. Once the hair is dry, the battle becomes more difficult. The trick is to apply product to the hair when it's wet -- this will help define the curl. For this purpose, I love TIGI Bed Head B for Men In Check Curl Defining Cream. Long name, but a great product nonetheless. For more shine American Crew Pomade is another great option.

When the hair is wet, simply smooth the product through the hair and give a quick shake or rake through it with your fingers. After that, leave it alone.

It's also important not to wash curly hair too often -- stick to every other day and use a good moisturizing shampoo such as American Crew Moisturizing Shampoo and follow with a moisturizing conditioner as well.