How To Prevent Shapewear Roll Down

How To Prevent Shapewear From Rolling Down

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It's one of the most irritating things about wearing shapewear. It's called the rolling effect. Most shapewear is made to come up past the navel and sometimes as high as the bra line, but through the day with walking and moving it rolls down and bunches in all the wrong places. Rolling not only happens in the torso area, but it also can roll up on the thighs which is just creates all types of discomfort. Then you have to find some hidden corner to dig it out whatever bodily crevasse it decided to try to hibernate in. Oh how I loathe it!  Wearing shapewear for you years, you learn a thing or two about preventing this. 

Correct Sizing - In my experience, most women want to size down in their shapewear, because they think it will help them smooth better.  Incorrect sizing can do more harm than help the situation. Wearing a size that is too small contributes to the legs of a your shapewear rolling up.  It also can make you look lumpy or give you bubble legs because the shapewear is too tight, because where the shapewear meets the skin can cause the skin to bubble or overflow.  When buying foundation make sure you get your size. Whatever size you wear in pants is where you should start and adjust accordingly.  Shapewear can be sized differently, so check out the size chart if ordering online or try on multiples sizes to find the best fit. 

Hook It In - There are several pieces of shapewear from various vendors that hook into you bra to prevent rolling. Most of them generally have a nifty attachment that easily slips on the bra.  HookedUp Shapewear attaches to bras in the back, which I think is optimal, because it doesn't pull on the bra from the front potentially causing them to sit lower. Check out HookedUp Shapewear on

I have heard that some women pull their shapewear up and snap their bra over to help with the hold. Others even use safety pins to the attach their bra to their shapewear to keep it up. Now some of you may ask how does this work for bathroom situations.  Well most of these sort of "hooked in" shapewear options offer an opening in the crotch of the suit.  Me, personally, I don't drink much and I just give myself enough time to get to the restroom and de-robe. HA!

Long Line Solution - I love a long line bra. If you want back smoothing, but don't want to have to think about rolling find yourself a long line bra. Most of them have boning, similar to a corset.  I can generally wear my shapewear and wear my long line bra on top of my foundation and be totally secure. 

Check out two of my favorite long line bras, both available on

Shapewear can definitely be tricky at times. Hopefully this gives you some insight to prevent any rolling issues that may cause any discomfort.  As always, happy shopping.  

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