How-to Poison Ivy Costume

Poison Ivy Costume

Poison Ivy Costume
Poison Ivy Costume. Getty Images

Poison Ivy is one of the sexiest Batman villains of all time. This is a perfect costume for redheads  or those who aspire to burning locks and deadly kisses. This is actually an easy costume to assemble out of what you have at home and a few bought items.

  • The Hair – Poison Ivy is famous for her shocking red hair. I went to a store and picked up a box of temporary red dye that lasted a couple of months. If you aren’t up for the commitment, spray-in hair color is available for about $2.00 that will wash out easily. Wear your hair down and use a large-barrel curling iron to make voluptuous waves throughout.
  • The Face – Check out our full Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial with photos and step-by-step instructions for an easy way to get this luscious maven's look. You can buy fake eyelashes if you want, but mascara will work fine. Be sure you have a stick of shocking red lipstick with you at all times while wearing this costume. It’s Ivy’s kiss that is her most deadly weapon.
  • The Outfit – Get a green leotard or short dress. At the craft shop, buy up some fake leaves that are commonly used for flower arrangements. You can also head to your local thrift shop to see if you can find an old fake houseplant to butcher. You will need about 30 leaves. With a needle and green thread, loosely attach your leaves with one or two stitches in a few places on your dress or leotard. Get creative to make them crawl up your side and around your body.
  • The Gloves – Get your hands on any pair of long gloves that will at least reach your elbows. You can dye these green. For leather or vinyl gloves, use a green spray paint.
  • The Legs - Purchase a cheap pair of green fishnet hose, or use a pair of regular panty-hose. Put the hose on and carefully stitch leaves here and there along the hose, wherever you think they will look best. Avoid the knees and ankles. I like to make mine crawl up the sides of my legs as though they were on a vine. You can also get a pair of knee-highs and stitch leaves all around the top of the stockings.
  • The Shoes – In the comic, Poison Ivy wears tomato red heels. If you are going for the movie look, find a pair of tall boots at the thrift store and spray-paint them a dark green. I used light and dark green to make a gradient of color from the top to bottom.

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