How to Play the Hogies (or Hogans) Golf Bet

Ben Hogan is on the fairway at the Thunderbird Classic on June 6, 1962 in Clifton, New Jersey
Ben Hogan, after whom the Hogies golf bet is named, plays from the fairway at the 1962 Thunderbird Classic. Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

The golf bet called "Hogies" (also known as "Hogans") is a side game played within a group of golfers during a round. To win a Hogie, a golfer must:

  • hit the fairway with his drive;
  • hit the green with his approach shot;
  • and then 2-putt for par on a hole.

Any golfer who achieves these three things on the same hole wins a Hogie, and the agreed-upon value (in points or in dollars) of the bet.

There are some variations of the Hogies game that we'll get into below. But first ...

The Hogies Bet is Named After - Duh! - Ben Hogan

Yes, as you surely know, the Hogies bet is named after golf legend Ben Hogan, who was know for his tremendous abilities tee-to-green. Fairways and greens, fairways and greens, hole after hole. (Compare Hogies to a similar bet named Fairways & Greens.)

This game can go by other names, however. Any star golfer who's ever been known for hitting fairways and greens has probably has his or her name attached to this bet at some point. Behind Hogan, perhaps the most-commonly cited other golfer is Nick Faldo (in which case the bet is called "Faldos"). But "Hogies" (or "Hogans") is overwhelmingly the name of choice for this bet.

Hogies Are Often Included in All-Inclusive Points Games

Many golfers like to play Hogies in combination with other golf betting games, awarding points for various accomplishments and then paying out the differences at the end of the round. The catch-all game variously known as Garbage, Dots, Trash or Junk includes Hogies and, typically, a dozen or more other side bets. See our Garbage or Dots definitions for more.

Playing Hogies (and Variations)

Groups that want to play Hogies should agree before the round begins that a) Hogies are in effect; and b) how much a Hogie is worth. The value can be expressed in monetary terms or as points. Then, each golfer who records a Hogie during the round notes it on his scorecard. At the end of the round, Hogies are counted, points tallied, and the bets paid off.

If Hogans require hitting the fairway, then what about par-3 holes? Right: Hogies can't be won on par-3s because there is no fairway to hit!

On par-5 holes, a hogie is earned if the green is hit on either the second or third stroke.

In describing the requirement of Hogies up at the top, we noted that the third requirement is making par (hit the fairway, hit the green, take two putts to make par). And some groups stipulate that Hogies only count when par is made.

However, many groups (probably most groups) also count birdies or eagles (which means they are counting fairways, greens, and into the hole in par or better as a Hogie).