How to Pin a Boutonniere, Step-by-Step

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Position the Boutonniere

A boutonniere is always worn on the left lapel of a guys jacket. Cassandra Morris

A live flower and sharp pins can be intimidating, not to mention standing kissably close to your date! But don't worry, it's simple to pin a boutonniere. There are a few different methods, but this one is the easiest: it only requires one pin and doesn't damage the head of the flower. To start, position the boutonniere on the left lapel of your date’s jacket, so the flower is facing up and the stem is facing down. Hold it in place.

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Inserting the Pin

Stick the pin up through the back of the lapel and the boutonniere stem. Cassandra Morris

Lift the lapel up about two inches. Using your free hand, take the pin and stick it up through the back of the lapel and through the boutonniere stem. You will be pushing the pin up and away from your date’s chest.

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Securing the Pin

After you've secured the boutonniere, the back of the lapel will look like this. Cassandra Morris

Once the pin is pushed through the boutonniere stem, angle it down to the left. Gently push the pin down through your date’s lapel. This will secure the boutonniere in place. Think of it as if you’re sewing a stitch.

This method of pinning a boutonniere hides the pinhead behind your date’s lapel, so the flowers look streamlined.

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You're Done!

You've mastered the art of pinning a boutonniere. Cassandra Morris

Stand back and admire your work. You’ve pinned a boutonniere!

Fun fact: A boutonniere is called a buttonhole in Britain, and the word boutonniere comes from the French word boutonnière. Oh la la!