How to Obtain Final Fantasy VII's Limit Breaks, Part 2

Cosmo Memory, Catastrophe, Highwind, and more FF7 special attacks

Final Fantasy VII Limit Breaks

Each character has an ultimate limit break and an ultimate weapon in Final Fantasy VII. The first part of our FFVII limit break guide covers special attacks for Cloud, Aeris, and Tifa. This article covers limit breaks for Cid, Barret, Yuffie, Red XIII, Cait Sith, and Vincent.

Instructions in this article apply to Final Fantasy VII for the original PlayStation and the re-release for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Barret Wallace

Limit Break Level Description How to Obtain
Heavy Shot Level 1 Charge up a red energy ball and fire it at one enemy for a moderate amount of damage. Starting limit break
Mind Break Level 1 Charge up a blue energy ball and fire it at one enemy, reducing the target's MP to 0 (doesn't work on some bosses). Use Heavy Shot eight times.
Grenade Bomb Level 2 Launch a grenade that does a moderate amount of damage to all enemies. Kill 80 enemies with Barret.
Hammer Blow Level 2 Run toward an enemy and knock them out of the battle with one punch (doesn't work against some enemies). Use Grenade Bomb eight times.

Satellite Beam

Level 3

Contact an orbital satellite to fire laser blasts at all enemies.

Kill 80 more enemies with Barret.
Anger Max Level 3 Fire eighteen rounds at random enemies for light damage. Use Satellite Beam eight times.
Catastrophe Level 4

Leap into the air and fire an intense beam that randomly hits enemies.

Learn all limit breaks and use the Catastrophe item on Barret.

How to Get Catastrophe

You can obtain the Catastrophe item during the portion of the game where you’re chasing down the Huge Materia. If you successfully stop the train carrying the Mt. Corel Huge Materia, you can travel to North Corel and talk to the woman in the house on the west hill to receive Catastrophe.


Limit Break Level Description How to Obtain
Sled Fang Level 1 Slide toward an enemy at high speed for a moderate amount of damage. Starting limit break
Lunatic High Level 1 Cast Haste on the entire party and raise evasion. Use Sled Fang eight times.
Blood Fang Level 2 Charge at one enemy for minor damage and restore HP/MP. Kill 80 enemies with Red XIII.
Stardust Ray Level 2 Shooting stars fall on enemies at random, causing minor damage. Use Blood Fang eight times.
Howling Moon Level 3 Cast Haste and Berserk on self. Kill another 80 enemies with Red XIII.
Earth Rave​ Level 3 Perform a combo that hits enemies five times at random for moderate damage. Use Howling Moon eight times.

Cosmo Memory

Level 4

Focus a whole galaxy into a nuclear blast that hits all enemies for massive damage.

Learn all limit breaks and use the Cosmo Memory item on Red XIII.

How to Get Cosmo Memory in FF7

To obtain the Cosmo Memory item, you must unlock the safe in the Shinra Mansion located in Nibelheim. The combination is: Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97. You'll then fight the optional boss Lost Number. He'll drop Cosmo Memory.

Cait Sith

Limit Break Level Description How to Obtain
Lucky Dice Level 1 Roll 2-6 dice to deal random damage. Starting limit break
Slots Level 2 Play Cait Sith's slot machine. Kill 80 enemies with Cait Sith.

Cait Sith's Slots

Cait Sith has just two limit breaks, but slots has eight different possible outcomes:

Limit Break Description How to Obtain
Toy Box An item from a toy box is dropped at random on one enemy causing light to moderate damage. Occurs when none of the symbols match.
Toy Soldiers Command a small group of toy soldiers that attack all enemies for moderate to heavy damage. Line up three crowns.
Mog Dance A mog appears and completely refills the party’s HP and MP. Line up three stars.
Lucky Gal Every regular attack for the rest of the battle will be a critical hit. Line up three hearts.
Random Summon Cast a random summon from your inventory for 0 MP. Line up three BARS.
Combine All three party members jump in Cait Sith’s moogle suit, their HP is combined, and attack power is massively increased. Line up three moogle suits.
All Over Instantly end the battle in your favor (works on every enemy). Line up Cait Sith’s face.
Joker Death Instant game over. Line up the first two parts of Cait Sith’s face and a BAR.

Cid Highwind in FF7

Limit Break Level Description How to Obtain
Boost Jump Level 1 Jump and dive spear-first into one enemy for moderate damage. Starting limit break
Dynamite Level 1 Light a stick of dynamite and toss for light damage to all enemies. Use Boost Jump eight times.
Hyper Jump Level 2 Leap into the sky and crash down, causing an explosion for moderate damage to all enemies. Kill 80 enemies with Cid.
Dragon Level 2 Call forth a dragon to attack an enemy for light damage and restore HP/MP. Use Hyper Jump eight times.
Dragon Dive Level 3 Leap into the air and attack enemies at random six times for minor damage. Kill another 80 enemies with Cid.
Big Brawl Level 3 Execute an eight-hit combo that randomly targets enemies for minor damage. Use Dragon Dive eight times.
Highwind Level 4

Radio the Highwind and fire a barrage of 18 missiles randomly at enemies for minor damage.

Learn all limit breaks and use the Highwind item on Cid.

How to Get Highwind

After obtaining control of the Shinra Submarine, go to the Downed Shinra Plane. Explore the plane carefully to find the Highwind item.

Yuffie Kisaragi

Limit Break Level Description How to Obtain
Greased Lightning Level 1 Cut one enemy for a moderate amount of damage. Starting limit break
Clear Tranquil Level 1 Bubbles engulf each party member and 50% of their max HP is restored. Use Greased Lightning eight times.


Level 2 Send out a wave of energy that does moderate damage to all enemies. Kill 80 enemies with Yuffie.
Bloodfest Level 2 Execute a ten-hit combo, hitting all enemies at random for minor damage. Use Landscaper eight times.


Level 3 Create a giant explosion that does moderate to heavy damage to all enemies. Kill another 80 enemies with Yuffie.
Doom of the Living Level 3 Execute a fifteen hit combo that hits random enemies causing minor damage. Use Gauntlet eight times.

All Creation

Level 4 Fire a giant beam that engulfs all enemies and does massive damage to all. Learn all limit breaks and use the All Creation item on Yuffie.

How to Get All Creation

To obtain the All Creation item, you must travel to Wutai. Clear all five floors of the Pagoda with Yuffie to receive the All Creation item.

Vincent Valentine

Vincent's limit breaks transform him into monsters that the player cannot control. Each morph has two possible attacks.

Limit Break Level Description How to Obtain
Galian Beast Level 1 Morph into a purple werewolf gain higher evasion, higher speed, and a 30% HP boost. Starting limit break
Death Gigas Level 2 Morph into a Frankenstein-type creature. This form doubles Vincent’s HP and raises his physical defense, but he loses some speed and magic defense. Kill 60 enemies with Vincent.

Hell Masker

Level 3

Change into a masked chainsaw wielder with massive defense but very weak offensive.

Kill another 60 enemies.
Chaos Level 4 Turns into a winged demon with hugely increased defense and offense. Learn all limit breaks and use the Chaos item on Vincent.

How to Get Chaos

To obtain the Chaos item, you must go to Lucrecia’s Cave with Vincent in your party. It is only accessible via the submarine or a Gold Chocobo. Once you view the scene there, leave for a while and come back with Vincent to receive the Chaos item.

Vincent Morph Attacks

Morph Attack 1 Attack 2
Galian Beast Berserk Dance: Cause light damage with a high hit rate. Beast Flair: Cause heavy fire-elemental damage to all enemies.

Death Gigas

Gigadunk: Cause a moderate amount of physical damage to one enemy.

Livewire: Cause lightning-elemental damage to one enemy.
Hell Masker

Splatter Combo: Hit an enemy five times with his chainsaw.

Nightmare: Cause Sleep, Poison, Silence Frog, Confusion, and Mini to one target.

Chaos Saber: Cause heavy damage to all enemies.

Satan Impact: Call a demonic skull from the ground that does major damage to all enemies and has a chance to kill them outright.