How to Meet Other Lesbian and Bisexual Teens

Teen girls sitting on sofa with laptop, laughing
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Coming out of the closet as lesbian or bisexual is one thing, but where do you meet other lesbian or bi teens for friendship or dating? Even if you live in a rural area or are not out to your parents, you can still meet other lesbian and bi teens. Here are some tips on how to:​

  1. GSA. The best place to meet other LGBT teens in a safe environment is at your school. If your school has a gay/straight alliance, be sure to check it out.
  2. Gay and lesbian teen center. You'd be surprised at how many gay and lesbian youth centers there are.
  3. The web is a great place to meet people. Sure, you may never meet them in person, but having online friends can be vital to teen lesbian survival. It's important to know you're not the only one. Be sure to follow these online safety tips.
  4. Through friends. If you have a friend that you can trust to come out to, ask her if she knows of any other lesbian or bisexual teens to introduce you to. You may not hit it off for dating, but just knowing someone else who is like you can make life a lot easier.
  5. The gay and lesbian center. Many gay and lesbian centers have special groups or activities just for teens. Be sure to call and find out if a local gay center has a teen support group. Here's a list of gay and lesbian centers in the U.S.
  6. In your daily life. She may be in the lane next to you in swim practice, the sister of your brother's best friend or in your chemistry class. If there's a girl you like, but you're not sure of her sexual orientation, here are some tips for flirting and finding out.