Practical Steps to Master Cartwheel by Target

Have you been wanting to try Cartwheel by Target, but you do not know where to begin? This tutorial explains how to use Cartwheel in easy-to-understand steps. It also explains how to maximize your savings using Cartwheel combined with coupons, and tricks you can use to increase the offers that are available to you. So let's get started.

What Is Cartwheel by Target?

Cartwheel by Target Tutorial

Target Cartwheel is a tool that shoppers use to save money while shopping at Target. Cartwheel offers percentage-off coupons up to 50 percent off (and sometimes higher) on items from almost every category sold at Target, including groceries, clothing, baby items, furniture, health and beauty and more.

To begin, go to and sign up for a free account using your Facebook or Google profile or your email address. To sign up, click on the "Sign In" button on the top right side of the page. (The black arrow on the image above points the way.)

Sign In or Open an Account at

Cartwheel by Target

After clicking on the "Sign In" button, a drop-down box will appear asking for you to either sign into your existing account or create a new account. Creating an account is free.

Should You Sign Up Using Facebook?

Social media is a valuable commodity to retailers. It is like getting free advertising when Target is mentioned by Facebook users or Cartwheel activity appears in a person's Facebook news feed. Target rewards people who use their Facebook account to sign up by giving them the opportunity to earn more offers. The extra offers are nice, but unless you set your Facebook settings properly, your Cartwheel activity will be published to your Facebook page and shared with friends, family, and employers. 

For people just starting out using Cartwheel, I recommend signing up using your email account.

While Target states it never posts anything to your Facebook page without your permission, it is an extra step to set your privacy settings on Facebook. If you decide later to use your Facebook profile to sign in, you can change your Cartwheel account settings at that point. 

Access Cartwheel

Cartwheel by Target

Target has done a good job with designing Cartwheel to fit all types of shoppers. By going to, you can access Cartwheel from your desktop, laptop or your mobile browser. Smartphone or tablet users have the option to download the Cartwheel apps for free from Google Play or the App Store. 

Desktop and mobile users can access Cartwheel by going to and signing in. The offers are displayed immediately after you sign in. 

Browse and Select Offers

Cartwheel by Target

Browse the offers and click on the + sign (upper right-hand corner of each offer) if you think you might want to purchase it. When the item is placed in your Cartwheel, a check mark will replace the + sign next to the item.

New members automatically receive 10 spots for placing offers into Cartwheel. More spots for offers can be earned over time. All of the offers are valid at your local Target store, but unless noted, none of the offers can be used when making purchases at

Notice that the offers show how much time is left before the offer will no longer be available. This can be helpful to know, especially if you have a coupon that you use on the offer.

Print the Barcode

Cartwheel by Target

After you have selected all the offers that you think you might want to buy, click on the "print barcode" button and you will get an itemized list of your offers and a printout of the barcode for the cashier to scan.

Each offer can be used up to four times per transaction.

For example, I could purchase four packs of Orbit gum, four 12 packs of Cokes and four boxes of waffles in one shopping trip. If I purchased five boxes of waffles, one box would not be discounted.

Note: The barcode that prints out is your personal barcode and it will always remain the same. Many shoppers laminate it and keep it with their store cards. If you lose it or it is destroyed, you can always print another one by logging into Cartwheel.

Checking Out With Cartwheel Offers

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Go shopping at your local Target store and when you are ready to check out, give your printed barcode to the cashier. The cashier will scan your Cartwheel barcode and you will automatically receive your savings on all of the qualifying Cartwheel offers that you are purchasing. You can save on your entire Cartwheel list up to six times per day.

Your savings should update in your Cartwheel profile within four hours of your transaction.

Stack Coupons With Cartwheel Offers

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This is the step when using Cartwheel by Target really gets interesting and can save shoppers hundreds of dollar.

Target allows Cartwheel offers to be combined with Target store coupons (both paper and mobile), manufacturer coupons, and Target REDcard discounts. That means it is possible to save four ways on the same item. However, there is a specific way that the offers should be presented to cashiers when checking out to ensure that all possible discounts are applied.

When checking out Cartwheel offers and coupons, you should first let the cashier ring up all the items you are purchasing. Next, give them the store coupons that you plan to use, followed by manufacturer coupons, then give them the barcode to scan and finally pay for the purchase using your redCard. which will give you five percent off the total purchase.

By using this system, it will help ensure that you are maximizing your savings because the percentage off of the offer will be based on the price of the item after store coupons have been deducted, but before manufacturer coupons have been applied.

Let's Do the Math

You are buying two Jimmy Dean Heat N Serve Sausages for $6.00 each or $12.00 total.
You have two manufacturer coupons for $2.00 off each one and a Target store coupon for $3.00 off when you purchase two. You also have a Cartwheel offer for 30 percent off and you will be using your redCard to pay for the purchase.

Remember: Cartwheel will figure the 30 percent off after the Target store coupons have been applied to the price so we will figure out that amount first.

Two packs of Sausages = $12.00 - $3.00 Target Coupon = $9.00 x 30 percent = $6.30 - $4.00 in manufacturer coupons = $2.30 or $1.15 each!

Exceptions: If you have a Target store coupon that is for a percent off of the item, Cartwheel will not include it in the tally.

Find Even More Savings

Mom and daughter walking out of store carrying reusable grocery bags
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Paying just $1.15 for an item that was originally priced at $6.00 is a great deal, but it is possible to find even more savings.

  • Pay for your purchase using Target's redCard and save five percent off the total purchase.  
  • Be sure to use your reusable bags and receive a five-cent discount for each bag that you use. 
  • Check rebate and cashback sites like Ibotta or Checkout 51 for even more savings.