How to Make Your Arms Look Thinner in a Dress

Slimmer Arms Are Just a Few Style Tricks Away

Celebs and stylists know the secrets to making arms appear thinner: it’s all about wearing the right clothes, accessories, and even contouring with tanner and makeup. If you don’t have time to tone up before your big formal, these style tricks are a life-saver. Slimmer arms, here you come:

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Try a V-Neck Dress With Wider Straps

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A v-neck dress will accentuate your collarbone and décolletage and draw attention away from any upper arm flab that you want to hide. This is a very flattering cut on most teens and women. Be sure that the straps fit and are not so loose that they’re digging into you — that will only create unwanted bulge.

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A Dress With Loose-Fitting Cap Sleeves

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Hide your shoulders and upper arms with a sleeve. It can be a small cap sleeve or a longer three-quarter sleeve, anything that will hide the tops of your arms will do. Just make sure it’s not too tight. Getting slimmer-looking arms is all about the right fit, and anything that cuts into your skin will only make you appear heavier.

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A High-Necked Dress That Exposes Your Shoulders

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This may seem counter-intuitive. After all, you want to hide your arms instead of exposing them. However, this is a bit of an illusion trick. If you pick a dress with a gorgeous, ornate high-neck, all the attention will be drawn up towards your face instead of your arms. Plus, you’ll be exposing your shoulder line in a flattering way. Suddenly, your arms aren’t the focus. If you still need an extra confidence booster, you can always…

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Get Contour-Tanned

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You’ll want to go to a reputable spray-tanning place for this trick, so either ask your friends for recommendations or get a test-tan before your big day to make sure they can deliver. But yes, it’s possible to get a spray tan that will make your arms look thinner! It’s all about the contouring. You can also…

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Contour Your Arms With Makeup

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Flex your arm, then use a bronzer or self-tanner to lightly outline your biceps and triceps. Less is more, so start with a small amount of product and add onto it as needed. There are all sorts of body makeup products to help with this.

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Wear a Long-Sleeved Dress

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Not all formal dresses have to be sleeveless. Long-sleeved formal dresses are gorgeous, on-trend and will totally make your arms look thinner just by hiding them. They come in all sorts of styles. Sequined or sheer are my favorites.

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Wear Loose-Fitting Bracelets and Avoid Cuffs


Getting slimmer-looking arms is about more than just sleeves. Loose-fitting bracelets like bangles will help your arms look thin by creating a gap between them and your skin. Avoid tight-fitting bracelets and arm cuffs. Anything that clamps down on your arms and makes the skin bulge out will not help your cause.

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Avoid Strapless Dresses That Push Everything Up

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Strapless dresses will not help your arms look thinner. They have a tendency to push everything up, and that includes the skin underneath and around your armpits. Your arms will bulge out and can even look bulkier than they actually are.

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Avoid Thin Straps and Spaghetti Straps

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A thin strap will only make the rest of you look wider… especially a thin strap that cuts into your shoulder.

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Make Sure Your Dress Fits Correctly

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The real secret to slimming down any body part: fit. You always want to dress for your body shape. Pay no attention to what the size is labeled as; all that matters is how your body looks when you put it on. A well-fitting dress should properly accentuate any figure.