How to Make Pubic Hair Designs and Shapes

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When you're bored with the old trim, bikini, or Brazilian wax style, you might opt for a shaped patch. This is a way to be playful and sexy but still keep most of your pubic area completely smooth and bare. Pubic hair designs can take your shaving or wax experience to the next level by shaping a portion of your bikini area into a heart, lightning bolt, triangle, or other fancy creation. While you can always get a design done professionally, you have the option to get creative in the privacy of your very own home by making any design you desire.

Creating a Pubic Hair Design at Home

The first thing you want to do is prepare the pubic area. If you're going to color your pubic hair, make sure you do so prior to shaving (or wait at least a day or two after shaving). The color may sting on the freshly shaved skin.

When you're ready, start to trim down any hair longer than 3/4 inches. Use hair clippers to trim all of your pubic hair down to 1/2 inches using a guard attachment. Clippers can also help to keep the hair even. Don't use scissors, as you run the risk of cutting some hair too short or creating a choppy look. When you're done, dust off any excess hair with a towel.

After your trim, you'll want to get or make a sturdy waterproof stencil in the design you're trying to achieve. Put an unscented thick lotion or cream on the underside of the stencil, and place it directly where you want the design on your pubic area. Then, hold the stencil down firmly, and trim the outside of the stencil down to 1/4 inches using hair clippers with guard attachment again. The cream should help you keep the stencil in place along with holding it.

Next, you'll want to take a warm bath or shower. Let the hair get softened by the warmth for five to 10 minutes so that it’s easier to shave. Then, you'll apply the stencil again. Cream up the underside of the stencil and the hair in the design and re-apply.

Removing the Hair

Apply shaving gel to the hair you're going to shave. Then, remove the hair that's outlining the stencil using a fresh blade. Once you shaved the hair outlining the stencil, you can remove the stencil and shave the rest of the hair that's outside of the design.

Alternatively, you can wait until your hair is slightly dry and use a red lip liner to outline the shape. For sanitary reasons, you may want to designate this lip liner specifically for your bikini area only and opt to not use it back on your face. Use a somewhat clear shaving cream like Gigi Brazilian Shave Gel that doesn't foam, so that you can see through it to only shave where the red line follows. You may also want to use a small bikini razor to make it easier to work along the lines.

Shaving isn't for everyone. If you want the hair to stay even longer, get a wax and pubic hair design done professionally.

Have Fun

Now that you have your design in place, you can trim the hair that’s in the shape down even shorter, as desired, using hair clippers. You'll also want to moisturize by applying a light and unscented lotion to the shaved area.

If you want, you can add even more designs to your shape by using body jewels or crystals to outline it. Just like a sticker, you can peel and stick it on the skin. If a little vajazzle isn't up your alley, consider using some simple cosmetic-grade glitter to add sparkle to your design in a different way than jewels (since they're not 3-D). To do so, pick up a kit that includes everything you need to make it happen.

That Was Easy

Now you know how simple it really is to have your own personal design. Make sure that all the products you use stay outside of your body, including the stencil, hair clippers, razor, shaving cream/gel, and lotion. While a basic shape like a heart or arrow will be much easier to design, there are many stencils out there for you to consider. If you're crafty, you can even make your own stencil.

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