How to Make Lips Appear Fuller

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With so many women getting lip injections these days (hello Kylie Jenner) it's obvious full lips are something to covet. To make your lips appear fuller, you have a few options.

Just Add Lip Gloss

You don't have to get fillers in your lips to have the bee-stung look. Lip gloss is the easiest way to create fuller lips. They create the illusion that you have plump lips. Glossy lipsticks also work better than matte ones to create the appearance of fuller lips.

See my list of the best lip glosses.

Line Lips Just Outside Your Natural Lip Line

You can create the illusion that lips are fuller with lip liner. Apply liner just outside your natural lip line, then dab a bit of gloss in the middle of your bottom lip and smack lips together.

Try a Contouring Method that Makeup Artists Swear By

Contouring makeup is all the rage. The right use of contouring makeup can make your face look more angular, your nose skinnier and yes, your lips plumper. Get the full scoop in my article, How to Use Makeup to Plump Up Lips.

Try a Lip Plumper, They Work

Lipsticks that promise to 'plump your lips' really do work, but the effect is temporary. Here's how it works: Some formulas use a traditional lip-plumping ingredient, such as MaxiLip, which stimulates collagen and boosts hydration. Others use ingredients that help lips retain moisture, which gives lips the appearance of being fuller.

For longer-lasting full lips, try lip creams that contain peptides or other collagen boosters. Check out these:

All of these are under $50. But beware, I've tried these and found lip plumpers to have minimal, temporary results at best. You won't get a long-lasting plump with these, which is why I believe they haven't caught on as they would have if they really worked.

Juvederm or Restylane

For permanent pout, you might consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon about lip plumpers using Juvederm or Restylane. Results can last up to 6 months. Up to you if the cost (and the possible lip deformation) is worth it. I actually tried it once and it worked very well, although you could feel bumps on the inside of your lips, which I found to be odd. But my lips were plumped up and stayed that way for a few months before it wore off.

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