How to Make Him Miss You

Woman thinking.
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It’s not uncommon to want a guy to miss you when you’re not around. You want him to long for your presence and to think about you when you’re not there, especially if you find yourself thinking about him throughout the day. Fortunately, there are five important ways to turn the tables and put the odds in your favor to make him miss you so that you don’t miss out on the guy of your dreams.

1. Don’t Be So Available

If you want a guy to really miss you, the first step is to try and limit the amount of time you spend with him. Sure, you may want to be with him morning, noon, and night and spend every possible moment you can together, but if you’re always around, he’s never going to even have the opportunity to miss you. On the flip side, if you stop making yourself so available to him and cut down the amount of time you’re around each other, this will create more chances for him to think about you and miss having you by his side. If you tend to be someone who's a bit on the needy and clingy side when it comes to men, dating, and relationships, now's the time to break this habit and practice some self-restraint.  

2. Remain Mysterious

Keeping a bit of mystery is not only a great way to add to your overall allure and appeal to a man, but it can also help to make him miss you. For instance, if you choose to be slightly more vague regarding your whereabouts and choose to leave out details pertaining to who you're with or what you're up to, he may start to wonder and think about you more since you've left more to the imagination. And when you’re able to create this kind of mystery and intrigue, he may find himself missing you because he's wondering who you're hanging out with and what you're up to at any given moment. When he imagines you out on the town laughing and having fun with others, especially other guys, a likely outcome is that he’s going to miss you and wish he was there with you.

3. Take Your Time Responding to Him

When he texts you during the day or wishes you goodnight, do you immediately write back? While you may want to respond ASAP and pour your heart out, a lightening-fast response isn’t doing you any favors in terms of making him miss you. On the flip side, if you take some time before you respond to him and make him wait a little before he hears back from you, this slight pause can do a great deal in terms of making him miss you. You can create more opportunities for him to long for you and think about you when he's staring down at a blank phone screen without a text from you. There’s no rule that says you have to respond right away at the drop of a hat, so take your time between responses so that he can see that you’re worth the wait.

4. Make a Habit of Ending Things First

If you’re looking for a subtle yet powerful way to make him miss you, it’s time to take more control of the way that you end your text and phone conversations as well as your in-person hang outs. For example, you should make a conscious effort to be the one who ends a phone call first or decides to leave after spending an afternoon together. When you want a guy to miss you, a key trick is to always leave him wanting more by calling the shots of when your time together ends. And when you’re in control of how things play out between the two of you and get to call the shots when it comes to saying goodbye to each other, he’ll be left thinking about you and missing you because you're always the one who's pulling away first.

5. Have Your Own Life

Even more importantly, a guy is far more likely to miss you when you have your own life. If you’re someone who tends to put your friends, hobbies, and passions aside in order to spend more time with your man, it’s time to rethink this strategy. When you like a guy, you shouldn’t neglect the people you care about and the activities that are important to you, especially since this is what makes you the person you are and makes you more appealing to others in the first place. If you want a guy to miss you, it’s important to keep engaging in the activities you enjoy and spend time away from him. A guy should add to your life, not become the center and focus of it. And if you want him to truly miss you, it's imperative to keep doing what makes you who you are.