How to Make Friends at Church

Finding a Friend Who Shares Your Faith

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If you're a person of faith, one way to meet people is through church. Churches today offer many different ways to get connected so you can make a new friend or two.

Tips for Making New Friends at Church

Here are five habits that can increase your chances of meeting someone new.

Start Going at the Same Time Every Week

In order to meet regular attendees, try for some consistency. Go at the same time and sit in the same pew or seat every week. Eventually, you'll see people you recognize and can say hello or make small talk. Allow your regular attendance to be the first step in connecting with others.

Some ideas for getting to know people in this type of setting include:

  • Smiling at people at they sit down.
  • Saying "good morning" at the beginning of service and "have a good day" at the end before you leave.
  • Introducing yourself to someone you see every week. ("Hi, it's good to see you again today. I'm Jane.")
  • Asking a question. ("I was just curious, have you ever attended the community fun event here?")
  • Asking them out for coffee after the service. ("I'm fairly new here and would like to get to know some people. Would you be interested in meeting up for coffee sometime after church?")

Get Involved in Activities

A great way to meet other people is to sign up for activities. Many churches have small groups or extracurricular events broken out by age or some other distinction. Again, check out the bulletin or website to see what's going on, and if you don't see something, be sure to ask. Sometimes activities get scheduled at the last minute and, as a result, they aren't listed somewhere, so asking around can help get you connected.

Church activities today can include:

  • Sporting events, like golf or volleyball.
  • Community fund raisers.
  • Walks that focus on a specific group or issue.
  • Bible studies.
  • Singles groups.
  • Groups for women and men.
  • Youth groups.
  • Groups for people struggling with addiction.
  • Classes that focus on a financially responsible life.
  • Crafts.
  • Seminars on self-help subjects or finding your life's purpose.

There is no end to the variety of classes and events that can be offered at a church. Chances are the events change from time to time, so if you don't see something immediately that interests you, keep checking back.

Ask About Welcome Packets for New Attendees

Nearly every church has some sort of welcome it extends to new people. This could include a packet of information, a meeting with a member of the church, or even just a gathering space where you can grab a cup of coffee and chat with others.

Look in your church bulletin or on their website for more information. If you can't find something, be sure to ask another attendee or call up their receptionist after the service.


There is perhaps no better way to get involved at church than by volunteering. Churches regularly look for new people to help with services and events. You might be asked to hand out bulletins at a service, answer questions for other newcomers, direct people to the proper area, or even lead a small group.

Pray about how you can best put your individual skills and talents to use in the church. When you give this quiet consideration, you'll naturally see something that will come your way. Volunteering helps take the pressure off of getting to know people, because you'll be able to more naturally talk about things going on in the church or just in your life. The focus will be on helping others in some way, which puts you and a potential friend in a more positive space. New friendships formed from a common interest like this can be very beneficial to your well being.

Be Genuine

Since you're at a place of worship, it should go without saying that you shouldn't just join a church for the reason of meeting new friends. Be receptive of the message and allow your authentic enthusiasm help you attract new friends.

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