How to Make a Yarn Wig

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How to Make a Yarn Wig

How to Make a Yarn Wig
Yarn wigs are easy to make. Rain Blanken

A yarn wig is useful for a number of costumes, or just some dress-up fun. Some tutorials involve a lot of glue. Not only is that a big mess, but you're left with a wig that is stiff and brittle. Instead, just use a knit cap and matching yarn. The look is more natural and much easier to make. We'll show you how.

What You'll Need

Once you've gathered your materials, we can get started.

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Picking Your Hat and Yarn

How to Make a Yarn Wig
Find a knit skull cap that fits snugly. Rain Blanken

If your hat slightly covers your eyes, simply flip up the edge. The bangs of the wig should cover this folded bit.

We picked out a skein of multi-color yarn in warm colors. Our winter hat had a little purple in it, but it mostly matched and will work just fine. It is important that the yarn match the hat because while you move, the hat may become visible between the threads of yarn. When the hat matches, no one notices the spots that the yarn doesn't completely cover. Not having to completely cover the hat is what makes this project so quick and easy. If you are making a Corpse Bride wig, use dark blue and white yarn.

Next, we'll measure the yarn.

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Measure the Yarn

How to Make a Yarn Wig
Wrap yarn around a throw pillow for a medium-length wig. Rain Blanken

To measure a wig that will reach your shoulders, you will need a pillow. You can use the short width of a standard bed pillow or a throw pillow from the couch.

Wrap your skein of yarn around the pillow 30 times. Make sure that your last wrap stops on the same side you started on. Snip the yarn from the skein.

Next, you'll tie off and cut the yarn.

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Tie Off and Cut the Yarn

How to Make a Yarn Wig
Tie one end and cut the other. Rain Blanken

Cut a small 5" length of yarn. One side of your pillow will have the two loose ends of yarn that you began and ended your wrapping. Gather and tie your locks together on the side that does not have the two loose ends of yarn. Make sure to tie these together as tightly as possible, using a double-knot to secure.

Next, cut the yarn on the other side of the pillow, where your loose ends are. You will be left with a bundle of yarn that is tied in the middle.

Make 11 of these yarn bundles. Later, you will make smaller bundles for the bangs. Next, we will attach the bundle to the hat.

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Attach Bundles to the Hat

How to Make a Yarn Wig
Use a crochet hook or bent paper clip to pull yarn through. Rain Blanken

Draw a line of chalk from the crown of your hat to the brim. Poke your crochet hook or bent paper clip through the very top of the hat, just to the right of your chalk line. Grab one end of the small piece of yarn that you used to tie your bundle together. Pull it through the cap.

Poke the crochet hook through the hat again, this time, just to the left of the chalk line. Pull the other end of bundle tie through the cap.

On the inside of the cap, tie the two ends together. Secure with a double knot. Now, let's see a diagram of where to attach your bundles.

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Where to Attach your Locks

How to Make a Yarn Wig
This diagram shows where to attach yarn for this wig. Rain Blanken

Use this picture to see where to attach the 11 long bundles of yarn to the cap. The circle in red at the crown of the cap is the first bundle that we attached. There are 3 pieces down the center part, 2 on each side, and 3 along the back. The green circles in the front indicate where we will later attach the shorter locks for the bangs.

Next, you will thread and tie more bundles of yarn down the front of the cap.

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Thread and Tie Bundles of Yarn on the Front

How to Make a Yarn Wig
Cut and attach front pieces just like the first piece. Rain Blanken

Move down your chalk line, repeating the same method you used to attach the first bundle to the crown of the hat. Put 3 more bundles down the front of the hat, about a 1/2 inch apart. These appear as blue circles on your chart in the last step. When you wear the hat, these will be on the top of your head.

Your hat should start to look like the one shown here. Don't worry about the blank space in the front, that is where we will now attach the bangs.

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Attach the Bangs

How to Make a Yarn Wig
Use a small box to measure out the length of the bangs. Rain Blanken

Use a small box or piece of cardboard to measure out the length of your bangs. Your bangs should be anywhere between 5-7" long. If you are afraid they won't be long enough, make them 8" and use scissors to trim them later.

Just like the green circles in your diagram in step #6, we will attach four sets of bangs along the front of the hat, right under your last center bundle.

You're almost done. Now you need to work on the back and sides of the wig. Attach the rest of your long bundles of yarn.

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Attach the Back & Side Locks

How to Make a Yarn Wig
Attach pieces to the back. Rain Blanken

Refer again to the diagram on step #6 and note the yellow circles. You need to attach three bundles of yarn at the back of the head, a 1/2" under the first bundle you attached to the crown of the cap.

Attach 2 bundles of yarn on each side of the hat. These are the pink circles in your Step #6 diagram. Try on your wig and see if you are getting the kind of coverage you want. This is meant to be a center-parted wig and is suitable for putting into pigtails.

Now is the time to trim your bangs to the right size, or add more bundles of yarn if you need more coverage. To make a side-parted wig, run bundles to the side instead of straight down the middle. See the finished wig.