How to Make a Sarong

Make and tie your own wrap dresses, skirts and tops.

Woman in a sarong
M Swiet Productions/ Moment/ Getty Images

Sarongs and sari dresses are made out of light materials draped and tied in an elegant way. Perfect for warm summer months or while traveling in a hot climate, sarongs look stylish but require very little effort to make. 

A standard sarong is usually 45" wide and 66" long. You could also go with a sari length, which is 47" wide and 6 yards long. Sarongs are great for simple skirts and dresses, while a sari length can be pleated many times for a more elegant look. Decide which style you want to go with before heading to the fabric store.

You can leave the wrap as simply raw fabric, or you can add a basic hem. Wraps can be tied in a variety of ways, making everything from off-the-shoulder gowns to elegant tops.

How to Tie a Sarong Like a Skirt

To wear a saronglike a long, simple skirt, simply hold the fabric so it lays horizontal to your body. Grab the top two corners and tie in a knot. Knot the sarong in the front for a peek-a-boo style skirt or knot the sarong to the side for a more modest style. 

How to Tie a Sarong Like a Halter Dress

To wear a sarong like a halter-style dress, hold the material behind your back. Align the fabric just below your shoulder blades. Bring the top two corners around the front of your body and cover your bustline. Criss-cross the corners of the sarong across your chest, and tie behind your neck. 

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