How to Make a Catwoman Mask

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How to Make a Catwoman Mask - Catwoman Mask Pattern

Catwoman Mask
Catwoman Mask. Rain Blanken

When making a Catwoman costume, the hooded mask is easily the most important part. It was so hard for me to find a pattern online that I went an made one myself. This mask is meant to fit all head sizes with a large seam allowance so you can adjust it.

What You'll Need

  • A black fabric, about 1/2 yard. Use felt for stiff ears.
  • Scissors 
  • Needle & thread or a sewing machine.
  • Seam sealer

You will also need the Catwoman mask pattern. Simply print the following pages:

  • Piece #1
  • Piece #2
  • Piece #3, Part One
  • Piece #3, Part Two
  • Piece #4

Once you have all your supplies, we can get started.

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Print the Pattern and Cut the Fabric

Catwoman Mask
Cut and mark the pattern. Rain Blanken

Print the pattern pieces. #3 is too big for a regular sheet of paper, so you'll need to match the x's together and tape it to get the right size.

How you cut the pieces is important, because cutting in different ways on fabric will make certain parts stretchy, and some with no give at all.

Cut the pieces as shown, with the #1 mask piece on the fold. Be sure to copy all dots, notches and other indicators so that you'll know where to dart and stitch the pieces.

Next, we'll stitch the ears.

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Give the Ears Some Shape

Catwoman Mask
Shape the ears by sewing ends together. Rain Blanken

With right sides of the fabric together, match the dots at the tips of the ears. Stitch from the large dot out to the matched dots. This will make your pointy cat ears.

If you are using a thin black fabric instead of felt or vinyl, you may need to strengthen your ears by sandwiching interfacing in between two identical ear pieces.

Next, we will add darts to the mask piece.

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Stitch Darts on the Mask

Catwoman Mask
Add darts to curve the mask. Rain Blanken

We need to add darts to certain parts of the Catwoman mask because it needs to be round in order to fit your face.

On piece #1, match the dots together at the dart. You can iron the dart before you sew to make it easier.

Sew from the inside to the edge of the mask. Remember, your dart should be puckering out on the wrong side of the fabric.

Next, we will stitch darts on the top pieces.

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Stitch Darts on the Top

Catwoman Mask
Darts on the top pieces will match the curve of your head. Rain Blanken

Match the dots together on piece #2 to create your dart. You can iron this dart along the dotted line to help guide you when you sew.

Be sure the dart is sticking out on the wrong side of the fabric. Stitch the solid lines together. Repeat on the other #2 piece.

Next, sew the #2 pieces together.

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Sew together Top Pieces

Catwoman Mask
Sew the #2 pieces together, stitching over your dart. Rain Blanken

With right sides together, sew the #2 pieces together as shown. Make sure you are sewing the correct side of the pieces.

Next, sew the back pieces together.

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Sew Back Pieces Together

Catwoman Mask
Sew back pieces together, just to the notch. Rain Blanken

With right sides together, use the notches to line up the #3 pieces and sew them together, stitching only to the second notch. The leftover fabric will be what you tie the mask with.

Next, we will sew the front to the back

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Sew the Top to the Back

Catwoman Mask
Sew the assembled parts together. Rain Blanken

Place the assembled front and top pieces inside the assembled back pieces so that the right sides are together. Stitch all along the curve, leaving a 5/8" seam.

Next, you'll try it on and stitch on the ears.

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Sew on the Ears

Catwoman Mask
Mark the ears where you would like them. Rain Blanken

Try on the mask, tying it at the back.

Here is an image of how you will tie and tuck in the mask.

Determine if the mask is sticking up anywhere and mark with chalk. We have 5/8" seam to play with, so you can adjust certain parts of the seams by sewing more or less of a seam.

The seam that presents the most trouble is where the top meets the back. It tends to pucker up, but can be solved if you stitch again, leaving more seam allowance.

After you've adjusted the mask, Put the ears in place while wearing the mask and carefully pin them where you would like them to be. (Don't stab yourself in the head with the pin!) It may also help to have a friend mark along the edge of the ear with chalk. Remove the mask and topstitch the ears in place.

Now you can try on the finished mask.

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Try the Mask On for Size

Catwoman Mask
Tie the mask so that it is snug. Rain Blanken

The finished mask should fit snugly on your head. The only way to get a perfect fit is to try it on a few times, adjusting different spots as needed.

Try to flatten your hair as much as possible before donning the mask so that you don't get any lumps. Some catwomen wear their hair down with the mask, too.

If you used a thin fabric that frays at the edges, use seam sealer to keep the edges from looking frazzled.