How To Make a Ballet Barre

The Barre

Let's face it; a barre is necessary for ballet. Barre exercises are performed at the beginning of any ballet class to prepare the body for the work ahead as well as to improve technique. If you think having a ballet barre at home is a luxury for a lucky few, read on. Hanging a ballet barre is actually quite simple. Here's how to do it.

Purchase a Barre

Head to your local home improvement store and purchase a wooden dowel with a 2-inch diameter. If your space allows, have the dowel cut to three feet. Three feet is optimal, but a two-foot barre is better than nothing if it is all you have room for. Prepare the barre by sanding each end to remove any sharp edges.

Purchase Wall Brackets

While you are at the home improvement store, pick up two or three metal closet bar brackets, depending on the length of your wooden dowel. A three-foot barre will probably require three brackets. Make sure the brackets include the proper screws. If there is no stud in the wall where you wish to hang the barre, purchase a few wall anchors for stability.

Measure and Mark the Space

Measure 36 inches from the floor. Using a pencil, lightly mark three spots on the wall where the brackets will be placed or two marks if only two brackets will be used.

Level the Marks

Using a level, make absolutely sure that the marks for the brackets are level. Hold each bracket on the wall where it will be placed and lightly mark the spots where the screws will be placed.

Install Wall Anchors

Using a power drill, carefully install the wall anchors following the manufacturer's instructions. If the wall is equipped with sufficient studs, the wall anchors may be safely eliminated.

Secure Wall Brackets

Attach the wall brackets to the wall using the proper screws. Make sure the brackets are attached tightly and securely.

Attach the Barre

Lay the barre across the wall brackets, securing with screws. Make sure each screw is tight and the barre is secure and stable.

Enjoy Your New Ballet Barre

Use the barre as you would in ballet class. Hold the barre lightly with your hands, being careful not to lean on the barre or apply too much of you body weight. (Never hang on the barre or allow children to pull on it, as it probably won't support them.)


  1. Hanging a ballet barre in your home (or your child's room) will encourage practice at home.
  2. Find the perfect spot to hang your barre. Make sure there is enough room to raise your straight leg to the front and to the back.
  3. Hang a large mirror on a wall opposite if the barre. A mirror is great for checking technique.

What You Need

  • A wooden dowel
  • Metal wall brackets and screws
  • Wall anchors, if needed
  • Various tools, including a level