How to Learn to Make Your Own Jewelry

Looking for a new hobby, to start a small business or just a creative outlet?  Jewelry making can be a wonderful way to accomplish this.  Learning a skill like this is also a great way to create the jewelry styles you can't find in stores.  Don't know where to start developing your skills?  Check out the plentiful resources available to you to learn how to create your own jewelry. 

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Michaels Craft Stores

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Visit your local Michaels and check out all the courses they offer, including jewelry making classes.  Learn to complete a unique jewelry piece with the guidance of our qualified instructors. You'll learn the latest trends, tricks and techniques for using the right tools, beads and findings that will bring your inspiration to life.

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DIY Statement Necklaces: Create Your Own Customizable Jewelry--For Less!

Stand out from the crowd with the beautifully bold jewelry in the book DIY Statement Necklaces! Featuring step-by-step instructions and photographs for 35 one-of-a-kind necklaces, this jewelry guide shows you how to transform your entire wardrobe--without spending a fortune. Best of all, each chapter includes quick tutorials on how to customize jewelry materials to create eye-catching statement necklaces that reflect your taste and style.

Whether you're looking to brighten up your everyday attire or sparkle in your little black dress, DIY Statement Necklaces helps you craft striking, designer-inspired jewelry without breaking the bank.

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Take a jewelry making Udemy course

Udemy offers online courses for every topic you might be interested in, including jewelry making.  You can take this in-depth course that is a complete guide to making wire wrapped jewelry for beginners and for anyone who wants to brush up on and perfect their wire wrapping technique.

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Look for jewelry making classes in your local area

One of the easiest ways to learn how to make jewelry is to look for schools in your local area offering the types of classes you are looking for.  A quick Google or Yelp search can lead you to quite a few options to consider. 

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Jewelry making YouTube videos

Search on YouTube for some quick and easy videos on how to make your own jewelry.  You can find tutorials on everything from beading to working with wire, tools you'll need to get started and fun project ideas you may not have considered before.

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Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store Projects

Not only do Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores offer all the products you need to make you own jewelry, but you can peruse all of their free and easy projects you learn how to make your own creations.

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Jewelry making magazines

Even if jewelry making is just a small hobby, there are quite a few magazines out there you can subscribe to, like Art Jewelry Magazine, Bead Style, and Bead&Button Magazine.

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Where to buy jewelry making supplies

As you develop your jewelry making skills and need more supplies, be sure to check out resources like, B’sue Boutiques, for those of you that want to buy Made in USA components, Jewelry, where all manner of jewelry making supplies are offered, from seed beads to chain to tools.  Their site also has their own jewelry making videos and DIY projects.  If looking for vintage jewelry supplies, check out this site.  For even more jewelry supplies, visit this directory


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Visit jewelry making blogs to learn

Why not learn about jewelry making from others who are at all levels of skill?  Blogs are a great place to learn.  Some of the most popular to visit include, P.S.- I Made This, Honestly WTF, Hocus.Kocis and Hello Giggles.

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Create Couture Jewelry

Designing your own jewelry doesn't have to be this challenging endeavor.  Get your feet wet with Create Couture Jewelry kits, home kit versions of the  DIY jewelry they offer at their award winning studio in Madison Wisconsin.  Now you can create custom jewelry at home with their one-of-a-kind jewelry kits.

Enjoy the process

If you have the goal of being the next big jewelry designer or to just create a small hobby for yourself, jewelry making should be an enjoyable process and creative outlet. May all these resources get you started on the journey of creating some beautiful pieces.