How to Keep Baby Clothes Organized

Organize your baby's clothes with these easy tips and ideas

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Prior to having a baby, many new parents have shower after shower; many of the gifts bestowed upon new parents are baby clothes. ​In addition, we get hand-me-downs and we pick up cute stuff when it's on sale. So, how do we keep it all organized?

Getting Started

Baby clothes organization can be approached a few different ways. Do you plan to hang baby clothes in a closet or wardrobe? Or will it be folded in a dresser? This will be a large factor in what supplies you will need to get started.

If you will be hanging your baby's clothes, purchase hanging dividers or make your own hang tags out of heavyweight poster board or cardboard. If clothing will be stored in a dresser, create dividers using the same method. You can purchase them, but it's really not difficult to make your own.

Sort everything by size, then pack away everything that is currently too large in a breathable container like a canvas box. Cardboard banker boxes also work well, but be sure to wrap the baby clothes in acid-free tissue paper so they do not become discolored while in storage. Label the boxes by size and what is inside and then store for later. While it may be tempting to organize by type of clothing, it really is much easier to organize by size because you can just grab the box you need when the time is right.

Organizing the Closet

Hanging dividers will be your saving grace in the closet. Whether you choose to keep out only the current size your baby is wearing, or also include the next baby size up, purchase or create hang tags for the sizes (if necessary) plus the type of clothing. For example, if you had newborn to 6 months clothing in your baby's closet, you would have hang tags for 0-3 months and 3-6 months for each type of clothing.

This might be as simple as "play clothes," "dress clothes," etc. or it might be even a more basic "short sleeve shirts," "jumpers," etc. The purpose of this system is to make sure that no matter who is putting away the laundry, the next person to dress the baby will be able to easily find what they are looking for.

Organizing the Drawers

When you first open an empty drawer, it can be tempting to just fold up the baby clothes and call it a day. But later on, when you're fumbling through a midnight changing, you may have second thoughts.

Since baby clothes are so small, it's easy to get a lot of them in a small space; especially if you effectively utilize drawer organizers. These can be purchased at nearly every home store, or you can measure the drawer, and cut out heavyweight cardboard to make your own. Dress up the homemade dividers with wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper if you please.

Fold, or roll, onesies and store them all in one section. Do the same for socks, bibs, burp clothes, and any other items you would like to store in the drawer. If needed, make little stick-on labels to adhere to the lip of the drawer, indicating what goes in each space. In your first few weeks at home, many friends and relatives will stop by to help with things like laundry and this can be a huge time saver.

Organizing Over-the-Door Storage

When you're organizing your baby clothes, don't forget about the space on the back of the nursery and closet doors. This is a great place for hooks to hold coats, hooded sweatshirts, hats, and anything else you may need when you're flying out the door in the morning. If you have a girl, tack up a pretty ribbon to store clip barrettes.

Organizing Bulky Items

Items like sweatshirts, sweaters, and snowsuits don't always fold away for easy storage. In a closet, they can take up a lot of room. Use a pretty wicker basket to fold and set them in. These are not a huge space-waster, and it gives you easy access to the items you need.

Edited by Jennifer Nicole Sullivan, Baby Clothes Expert

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