How to Keep a Blowdry Fresh on the Second Day

Young girl blow drying older woman's hair
Robert Nicholas / Getty Images

Whether you get a professional blow-out or you do it yourself, you may be wondering how to keep your blow-out fabulous on Day 2, Day 3 and beyond.

Here's the deal about blow-outs: Once you sleep on it, your natural hair texture can spring to life. For me, this means my straight hair gets flat and oily. For you, it may mean your curly hair becomes unruly.

To help your blowout last, make sure:

  1. You shampoo your hair correctly. See 9 Mistakes People Make When Shampooing Their Hair, an article which will change your life.
  1. You rinse hair thoroughly after you wash to get out any conditioner residue.
  2. It's also important spritz damp locks with a volumizer spray or mousse before blowing hair dry. Don't miss The Pro Blow-out: How to Dry Your Hair Like a Professional.
  3. If you're prone to frizzies, a finishing cream can help keep the cuticle smooth. Hairstylist Tommy Buckett of the Sally Hershberger Downtown salon recommends Shu Uemura's Cotton Uzu Defining Flexible Cream (buy it online from Amazon), which works best when it's worked through the hair with your hands. Buckett suggests you put a dollop of the cream in your palms and then rake it through hair, getting the product on as many strands as possible from roots to ends.

If your hair still falls flat or frizzes up on the 2nd or 3rd day, try these tips:

  1. For curly hair, I suggest wetting a brush, shaking out excess water and running the brush through your hair while blow-drying. You can also use a couple spritzes of styling spray to keep it in place.
  1. If hair is really coarse and dry, try palming a bit of serum or leave-in conditioner on hair. I recommend Kerastase leave-in conditioner since Kerastase is the Ferrari of conditioner. The product will tame any fly-aways and "unrulies." Buy from
  2. Straight, fine hair tends to become oily after a day. Keep second-day hair fresh with a spritz of dry shampoo or even baby powder. 
  1. Revive hair with a curling iron and a spritz of hairspray. If you're going for a smooth look, run a flat iron over the hair.
  2. Give fine hair volume on the 2nd day by working hairspray along the crown with your fingers, massaging the spray into your roots at the crown until about an inch back of the head.

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