How to Hide a Tummy

Petite woman in a jacket
  Edward Berthelot / Contributor / Getty Images 

There are several fashion tricks that women can use to help them hide a tummy. Redirecting attention away from a problem area can go a long way in disguising any figure flaw. If a round tummy is a figure problem, it's a good idea to place a fashion focus on another area. Play up the face with a great hairstyle and make-up and wear dangle or chandelier earrings, both good styles of earrings for petite women. Another trick with jewelry is to feature a necklace, rather than a bracelet, which, if worn, would be closer to the area you're trying to hide. One of the best styles to select would be a pendant necklace because it draws attention to the pendant and away from the tummy area.

How to Hide a Tummy With a Jacket

In addition to redirecting attention away from the tummy, there are some other fashion techniques that will help hide the tummy. One of the best ways to hide a problem stomach is with a shapely tailored jacket, which is buttoned. For petites, this way works especially well if the jacket and pants or skirt match in a dark color, such as black, charcoal, or navy, and form a monochromatic look.

Wearing an open jacket can also be an effective way of hiding a problem tummy. In the February 2012 issue of InStyle, fashion stylist George Kotsiopoulos says that "a light-colored blazer or cardigan worn open over something darker makes the midsection look leaner and flatter." A blazer with a print pattern could also do the trick. Avoid boxy jackets in favor of more shapely ones, especially those with princess seams.

Stay Away From Oversized Tops

Many women attempt to hide a problem tummy with an oversized top. This is not the way to go if you want to minimize the area. Stay away from any top that is too voluminous because it makes the wearer look big too. Select a top, such as an empire style, that's somewhat loose at the high hip area, but that does not look like a maternity top a woman would be wearing in her ninth month of pregnancy. Avoid tucking tops in pants or skirts, but wear the top over the pants or skirt.

Dresses or tops that have strategically placed ruching or draping can also be very helpful in disguising a problem tummy. The key to this look is to try on any ruched or draped garment that you're considering purchasing. Make sure that the ruching or draping is hiding the tummy, rather than calling attention to it.

Try a Peplum Top

Another way to help hide a problem tummy is to wear a top or dress with a peplum. It's also important to try on garments with peplums to make sure that the peplum is effectively hiding the tummy. The cut of a peplum, its drape, and the type of fabric used to make the peplum are all factors that can make a peplum either a good or bad disguise for a round tummy.

Modern Shapewear

Finally, don't forget the shapewear. There are lots of options in shapewear, from control-top tights to dresses with panels made especially to help control tummy bulge. Which type of shapewear you choose will depend on the outer garments you're wearing and what looks best with each garment.