How to Grow Out Your Hair for Men

Going From Short to Long Without Looking Like a Mess

Teenager with long hair and glasses
Daniel Milchev/Stone/Getty Images

Growing out your hair isn't always as easy as you might think it would be—unless you want to look like you've just given up on personal grooming during the process. To avoid looking like a hot mess and help you achieve your long-haired goal, follow these simple tips on how to grow out your hair for men.

1) Have a Goal

Before you even begin the process of growing out your hair, it's important to have a goal in mind.

Find a gallery of long hair for men and pick a style on a model with a similar face shape and hair type. Print the style and keep it handy to help communicate your goal with your haircutter. Yes, you will actually get a haircut even while you're growing out your hair.

2) Be Realistic

If your hair is curly or course, you're not going to achieve that loose Johnny Deep look. Select a hairstyle that is appropriate for your hair type and face shape.

3) Keep It Trimmed

About every six or eight weeks, you'll want to have your barber or stylist give you a light trim to keep your hair looking neat and healthy and to shape the hair so it is prepared to grow out to your final style.

4) Be Patient

Growing your hair can take time. Hair grows about half an inch per month and there's nothing you can do to speed up the process. So, if you're going from a buzzcut to a Zac Efron style shag, expect it to take the better part of a year.

Inevitably, you'll also go through that phase where your hair is too short to do anything with but too long to do anything with. Talk with your stylist who can help select products and styling options to get you through the awkward stage.

5) Take Care of Your Hair

For those guys who wear aggressively short hair, treating it gently isn't a big issue because you've got a new head of hair every month or so.

For guys who wear their hair long, it's critical to take good care of it. Once the hair becomes damaged, there's no way to repair it other than cutting it off, so it's important to avoid things like aggressive towel drying, swimmer's hair, tight ponytails, and other damaging things.

Growing your hair out can be both fun and challenging. With the right preparation, realistic goals, and proper maintenance and care, you can still look stylish and well groomed along the way. Be patient and have fun experimenting with your new looks. Once you get tired of the long hair, there are many compelling reasons to buzz it off as well—either way, you'll stand out from the pack.