Growing a Hipster Beard

How to Be Your Burly Best

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Growing a beard is a fun and inexpensive way to freshen up your look but keep in mind a beard is not for everyone.  Not all men have the facial hair to support a beard, and some will be turned off by the maintenance a beard requires. The beauty of growing a beard is that you can trim and shape it in a variety of ways and, of course, if you get tired of it you can shave it off in minutes.

The hipster beard is a big trend and should stick around for a while. This style of beard is long and full and is often combined with a clean-cut pompadour haircut. This style of beard has even the slickest city guy looking like a lumberjack. Just look around in trendy Brooklyn.

So if you're longing for the hipster beard, the first thing you need to know is how exactly do you go about growing a beard.  Well, the short answer is to simply stop shaving.  But there's more to it than that.  

Test the Waters

To grow a big beard properly without ending up looking like a serial killer, you've got to be able to grow a full beard in the first place. To determine if you can grow a decent beard, simply stop shaving for a few weeks. But before you stop, do one last close shave to make sure all the new growth comes in evenly. Then examine your growth. Is it full and evenly distributed or is it patchy?  If the growth is space out or scraggly, the full hipster beard may not be your best option. It should also be noted that some workplaces frown on bushy or unkempt facial hair, so it's probably best to check with your employer before you embark on becoming bearded.

Be Patient

A big, burly beard can take a few months to grow.  You'll go through a phase where you might look a little messy. It will also itch for a few weeks. Hang in there. To tone down the itching, you can use a gentle shampoo and conditioner and moisturize with a lotion or beard oil like Jack Black Nourishing Oil. Once you make it through the grow-in phase, maintaining a beard is fairly simple and straightforward.

Keep It Groomed

Until your beard gets long enough to cover your neck, you should keep the neck shaved clean. Use the bend of the neck as your guide and just shave everything below that point. Another way to know where to start shaving your neck is to place two fingers above your Adam's apple and start shaving there. Invest in a good clipper, such as the Andis Master, to keep things trimmed up.  It is a good idea for the first trimming to seek the service of a professional barber who can show you how to trim your beard properly at home so it will enhance the shape of your face. Watch closely so you can maintain that shape at home. Have your barber show you how to properly trim your beard free-handed (without a guard on the clipper) because longer beards require a little free-hand trimming. But since lush fullness is the hallmark of a hipster beard, you shouldn't trim too frequently or you will lose this look. You can also use a beard comb to make it appear fuller and well-kept. Brush in the direction where you want your beard to fall.

Maintain Your Beard

Caring for your beard is relatively simple.  To keep a longer beard soft and manageable, you'll need to shampoo and condition it properly.  There are products specifically made for beards, but the shampoo and conditioner you use on your head usually works just fine.  A leave-in conditioner or beard oil adds softness and manageability.  If your beard is gray and you want to tone down the gray, there are several beard coloring products, such as Just for Men,  on the market.  Follow the directions exactly and make sure not to leave the product on too long for a more natural result.

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