How to Perfectly Groom Men's Eyebrows

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Don't Do Anything Dramatic

A man tweezing his eyebrows.
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Eyebrow grooming for guys doesn't mean removing a lot of hair, shaping them like a woman's, or creating high or dramatic arches. Definitely not. You want to keep that masculine look but just clean it up a little. A simple tune-up will make them look better. Sometimes, all it takes is trimming the brows or taking out a couple of hairs here and there. Different rules apply to men when taming the brows. The bottom line rule: Keep them looking natural.

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Minimal Trimming

men's eyebrow shaping
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Sometimes all that the brows need is some trimming, and no hair has to be removed from the follicle. Trimming helps keep brows in place and makes them look lighter and more groomed, like the brows of the man in this photo.

Often guys end up taking out hair they don't need to when it's the excess bulk that really needs to go. So do that first before removing any hair. To keep them in check, trim every three to four weeks.

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More Serious Cleanup

eyebrow grooming for men
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If you have hair in the middle between your brows, you might want to trim this out. How much you take out is a personal choice, but the trend is to clean that area up and avoid the unibrow look. You need to know how much to take and where to stop. 

You don't have to take away all of the hair. You can tweeze out single hairs from the middle by taking random thicker hairs and leaving the finer ones. This will thin out the area and make the hair look less noticeable, but not hair-free.

If you're removing hair on the bottom part of the brow, make straight or slightly curved lines. Stick to just taking hair only outside the main shape.

Good tweezers make the job a lot easier and quicker because they grasp hair and don't let it slide off. Tweezers with a slanted end work the best. To keep a lid on pain, tweeze right when you come out of the shower when your follicle is nice and relaxed. The hair will slide out easier.

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Eyebrow Shaping

eyebrow shaping for men
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Eyebrow shaping for men is different than it is for women, and you need to be careful with making the middle (between brows) hairless. You don't want to take too much of the hair off or you might end up looking a little feminine. 

If you want it bare here's how to find where the absolute farthest in they should start: Use something straight (like a pencil) from the outer sides of the ball of your nose to your brows as on the model in this photo. Remember, this should be the farthest you go between the brows. You can choose to leave more hair than this.

Start slowly. You can always take more hair. If you take too much, you'll have to wait for it to grow back or use a brow pencil. 

Unless your brows are naturally arched, don't shape them that way. Overly arched brows also send feminine signals. 

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Eyebrow Waxing

eyebrow waxing for men
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Eyebrow waxing for men? Sure, it's quicker than tweezing, and it's a better choice if you want a little definition like the man in the photo because waxing can get the very fine hairs that tweezing often misses. We wouldn't suggest waxing your own brows if you're new to grooming them, so tweeze first to get the feel.

Go to a professional who is licensed and also is experienced in eyebrow waxing for men. Explain exactly what you want before she begins waxing.

Other professional options are threading, in which a string is used to remove hair, and sugaring, which is less painful than waxing and more gentle to the skin.

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Male Eyebrows Can Be Thick

thick groomed male eyebrows
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Male eyebrows can be thick and still looked groomed like this man here because men, in general, have large brows. The amount of thickness they end up with as an adult is there for a reason; it balances other facial features, like large eyes and lips or an angular face shape.