How to Glam Up A Simple Dress

Dress up your dress in a snap!

So you have this dress… maybe it’s your favorite little black dress, or a gorgeous floor-length gown that fits you perfectly. The problem is, it’s a little plain looking. It’s all one color, or the cut is just kind of basic. You wish it were just a little more glamorous. A little sparklier, a little dressier, a little more like something Taylor Swift would wear on the red carpet.

If you’re going to a homecoming dance or a sweet sixteen and want to dress up your favorite dress, try these easy and fool-proof, and totally affordable tips:

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Add Dramatic Eye Makeup

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The difference between basic brown eyeliner plus mascara and a dark, dramatic smoky eye? It’s practically the difference between a sundress and a prom gown! If you want to make your simple dress a little more glam, start with eye makeup. Black eyeliner on your top and bottom lids plus smoky black eye shadow almost always does the trick. If you have light coloring, use a slightly lighter eye shadow, like gray or brown. Check out more makeup ideas.

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Red Lips and Old Hollywood Hair

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See this look? It’s totally timeless, and reminiscent of the most sophisticated Old Hollywood stars. There’s a reason that modern day celebs repeat the look over and over. It’s instant glam. Prep your lips with a red lip liner, then pick a red lipstick that flatters your skin tone. Go easy on the eye makeup- you don’t want to end up looking clownish. Part your hair on the side, then create big waves with a wide-barrel curling iron. Lightly tousle them with your fingers to create that soft look. Finish it off with a sparkly clip or a flower tucked behind one ear.

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Sparkly Clutch

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If your dress doesn’t have as much sparkle as you want, you can totally make up for it in your accessories. Seek out a wide, bejeweled clutch like this one, a pretty beaded clutch or one that’s decked out in tons of different colored sequins. Watch your outfit go from simple to stunning.

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Jeweled Shoes

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Ever heard that shoes can make the outfit? If your dress is all one color or just basic, pair it with sparkly shoes to take it up a level. Go crazy with studded heels, wild with neon shoes or get pretty with bejeweled or all-over sparkle stilettos.

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Stacks of Bangles

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If the sparkle isn’t on your dress, bring it to your arms and wrists. I love to mix and match bracelets to create the perfect sparkly stack. Don’t be afraid to use gold, silver and bronze together, or stack up wide bracelets with different color jewels and stones. It’s a whole new kind of arm candy!

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Statement Necklace

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Ah, the statement necklace. It’s in, it’s out, no it’s in again… who cares? A big necklace chock full of detail will always add to an outfit, and it’s the perfect way to bring glamorous detail to a plain dress. Carly Rae Jepsen’s statement necklace features beads and neon, and turns her simple black dress into one that’s memorable.

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Hair Jewelry

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An elegantly-placed piece of hair jewelry can add instant glam to any outfit… just take it from Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You don’t necessarily have to wear a tiara, though. A sparkly clip, artfully placed pins embellished with rhinestones, a wide flower rucked behind your ear and a fun headband or headpiece can really dress up your outfit. Pair fantastic hair jewelry with a stack of bracelets and glitter shoes, and your simple dress will suddenly seem stunning.