How to Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

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Massages are great. They help you relax, relieve stress and in the case of scalp massages, are believed to help with hair growth. Whether or not regular scalp massages make your hair grow, they just plain feel good. Learn how to give yourself a scalp massage, and once you know the ropes, you can massage someone else's scalp, which they'll love.

Steps for a Scalp Massage

  1. Loosen your hair. Your hair doesn't have to be completely loose but you should remove all pins, scrunchies, headbands and accessories. You can massage your scalp while your hair is braided or twisted, so these styles don't need to be undone, but ponytails should be taken down. You want to be able to reach as much of the scalp as possible.
  2. Divide your hair into four to eight quadrants with a part down the center. You don't have to physically do this with very precise parts and a rattail comb; you can just mentally divide your scalp into sections to massage. You'll work on one area at a time on either side.
  3. Using your fingertips only (keep your nails out of it), begin at your temples, massaging a small section in this area. Move your fingertips in small circular motions. Don't press too hard, but keep your pressure firm.
  4. Work your way back in small sections, always using your fingertips for massaging. Don't neglect the area around your ears. Remember, this is a scalp massage, so keep your fingers on your scalp, not on top of your hair. if you begin massaging your hair, you can end up with excess tangles.
  5. Focus on one section at a time on either side of the head, working all the way back to the nape of the neck. Take your time and don't rush through the massage. If you're in a rush, it's best to wait until you have ample time to devote to this; otherwise, you probably won't enjoy it as much because you'll be too busy worrying about the time.
  6. Enjoy the relaxed feeling that a scalp massage gives you!

Tips for a Great Scalp Massage

  1. This is great to do right before a shampoo and condition session as it will help to loosen any dirt. You can combine a massage with your pre-poo treatment as well.
  2. Use natural oils sparingly if desired. Jojoba oil is a great choice as its makeup closely resembles our scalps' own sebum, but other good oil options include sweet almond, grapeseed, argan, monoi or coconut.
  3. Avoid scalp massages for a few days before a relaxer or touch-up as it may make your scalp more sensitive and lead to irritation during the chemical process.
  4. For hair growth, try using oils like Jamaican Black Castor Oil or even regular castor oil. These oils are very thick, so use them sparingly, and make sure to focus them on your scalp and not your tresses if you don't want them weighed down.
  5. Massaging is part of the Inversion Method (if you're into that for quick growth), but even if you don't want to invert your head and go through the extra trouble, you can still practice massaging every night.

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