How to Get Noticed on Dating Apps

woman taking photo of friend blowing bubbles on iphone
Chelsea Victoria/Stocksy United

Are you wondering how to get more matches on your dating app? Perhaps there have been certain profiles that have caught your eye, but for some reason you never end up matching with these people. Fortunately, there are four dating app hacks that can help to increase your chances of getting swiped right and therefore increase your chances of meeting the right person.

Tips for Getting Noticed on Dating Apps

Follow these tips to put your right foot forward and get noticed.

Pick the Right Pictures

Sure, you may love that photo of you wearing a hat and sunglasses on a hike, but no one can see who you are. Or maybe you really like how you look in that group shot of you and your nine besties, but how is someone supposed to know which one is you? Choosing the right photos of yourself for a dating app is critical for increasing your chances of getting swiped right.

While these photos certainly don’t have to be professional headshots, they should represent your best self. And if you can’t decide on which photos put your best self forward, that’s where your friends can come in (and not in the photos themselves).

Plus, if you’re looking to increase your chances of getting swiped right, try to have at least four distinct photos of yourself. Not only does this give you an opportunity to show off the different facets of your personality, but it also enables potential matches to see more of what you look like while also conveying that you’re confident and outgoing.

Having high self-esteem highly increases your chances of getting swiped right.

Mind Your Profile Description

Writing about yourself can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure where to begin. Fortunately, if you focus on your likes and interests, writing a profile description can come more naturally.

Are you a football fanatic or a diehard foodie? Are you a dog owner, a Westworld watcher or have a favorite place that you've visited?

You should include your interests and passions in your app profile, as they help to attract others who share these same values while also enabling you to stand out amongst the many other potential daters. It also works in your favor to include your profession, as it gives others even more insight into you as a person. In fact, Tinder recently found that some of the most right swiped vocations for men and women are entrepreneur, teacher and personal trainer.

It’s also important to consider the length of your profile description. You certainly shouldn’t write your entire life history, but only having a few words can send the message that you’re not taking the app or dating in general very seriously. You should try to aim for three to five sentences, as this can be just enough to let someone know a little about you while also leaving him or her wanting to know more, which can increase your odds of getting swiped right. And if you want another dating app profile hack, you should have a friend proofread what you wrote. Typos and incorrect grammar can be major incentives to swipe left and get left behind.

Make a Name for Yourself

While some dating apps use your name as it appears on Facebook, other apps allow you to choose your own username. And for these apps in particular, it’s another opportunity for you to get creative while simultaneously showing off a bit about yourself.

You can again look to your passions and interests to create a memorable username that represents you in a positive way, whether it’s a character from a TV show, a nod to your hometown or a shout-out to your favorite pastime. And if you really can’t think of a name, a play on your own name is always an option, whether you choose to use a nickname or add various numbers after your name. 

Keep an Open Mind

If your goal is to increase your odds of getting swiped right, why not increase the number of potential daters in your pool?

Whether you decide to shift your parameters to include more people, such as by increasing the distance between you and your potential matches or expanding your age limit by one or two years, adding more people to the mix can help boost your odds of getting swiped right.

And while you certainly don’t have to settle or compromise about who and what you’re looking for, it’s important to keep an open mind. After all, would you really not drive an extra few miles in order to meet a potential love interest who could turn out to be the one?

To that end, you should also be open-minded when it comes to the potential matches themselves. If there’s someone whom you’re not sure about and/or you could swipe either way, there’s no harm in swiping right. Dating is a numbers game, and in order for you to work the numbers in your favor, you should be willing to swipe right more often—you just never know. It’s the right thing to do in every respect.