Explaining Skateboarding Sponsorships

There is nothing like the moment when a skateboarder is offered a sponsorship from their favorite company.

The opportunity to have a company they support, who endorses their unique way of riding, is a great way to enjoy the sport while promoting their brand. With a bit of work and a lot of persistence, skateboarders can learn how to get sponsored and remain that way.

The following is a basic rundown of what skateboarders can do on an individual level to get themselves into a position to be sponsored.

Definition of Sponsored Versus Pro


Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

There is a difference between professional riders and sponsored riders.

Sponsored riders can expect to get gear and event attendance support. They might get some costs covered, and be reimbursed for things they spend money on, to do the activities the company is paying for.

A professional rider will receive money directly from the company for boards, ads, or straight out payment. Often, a professional may have a side job that also supports them, to supplement their income.

The basic distinction is that sponsored riders get gear and event costs covered, while the professional gets paid directly. After being sponsored, riders start to learn how to become a professional.

Why You Would Want to Get Sponsored

Skateboarders want to get sponsored because they love skating and want to be as involved as possible in their passion.

Skateboarders with sponsorships can get free gear, extra cash for events, photo sessions, and more. Getting a new board every month is common under a sponsorship, and every skater knows that equipment needs to be replaced often.

Get Sponsored for Skateboarding

The goal of securing sponsorship with a company of your selection is simple, but it's important to review which brands come to mind, in terms of who you would like to skate for.

There are various types of brands out there that will support skaters, and aligning yourself correctly is a personal and professional decision. For example, there are several kinds of companies that will sponsor skaters, like shoe companies, clothing shops, and skateboard wheel stores.

Methods for Contacting Skateboard Companies

There are several different techniques for contacting and relating yourself to the companies you are looking for sponsorship from.

Lending themselves as more useful for specific scenarios and personality types, it may be surprising to know that your personal brand matters greatly when it comes to sponsorships.

In fact, personality matters just as much, if not more than raw skill, when it comes to endearing yourself to a company when you are looking to get sponsored:

  • Contact local skateboard shops for discounts on products, free gear, logos, and contest opportunities.
  • Seek out flow sponsorships to receive free monthly gear and equipment.
  • Ask potential sponsors directly and compete in skateboarding events.

Responsibilities of Being a Sponsored Skateboarder

Sponsored skaters will run into various scenarios when they are representing different companies. It is important for skateboarders to follow a set of responsibilities and expectations when working professionally:

  • Be a part of the design process with products when approached with questions and feedback from sponsors.
  • Continue your passion for skateboarding by remaining competitive and involved in the community, whether that involves frequenting skate parks, sharing videos online, or participating in local events.
  • Share information with your network by getting involved online and participating in skateboarding groups like the International Sponsor Council.

How to Stay Sponsored As a Skateboarder

Avoid a sticky situation by staying sponsored as a skateboarder. Here are two tips to remain sponsored:

  • Give back more than you have given. Just like it takes a lot of work to become a professional skater, it is important to remain one, by working just as hard as you did before.
  • Don't be willing to ride for just any brand. Commit to a brand that reflects your style. Sticking with a company who is sponsoring you shows loyalty and ​alignment.

Get Sponsored Without "Sponsor Me" Videos

Many skaters dream of getting sponsored for skateboarding. The pride, attention, free gear, and stamp of approval can all feel great.

Entering a local contest is where local skate shop and company representatives hang out. Show what you do during these events and you will be recognized.