How to Get Robert Pattinson's Look

It takes time to look effortless.

George Pimentel/Getty Images

A lot of guys see men like Robert Pattinson with these big fluffy heads of hair that seem to defy gravity and think it just comes naturally. Nope. His type of style takes work -- and the right tools and product.

First, of course, you've got to have the right hair. If your hair is very thin, coarse, or curly, Pattinson's style might not work well on your hair. Next, you've got to get the right haircut. Long layers on top with shorter sides. Finally, you've got to be prepared to commit the time to reproduce the style and that means using a blow-dryer. Yup. A blow dryer. With this type of style, you can't just towel dry and throw in some product (unless your hair is very short) because the style will eventually fall flat. You've got to throw a little heat on it to set the hair and create a base. Just don't let your friends see you doing it. Still want to spend some time in the mirror working to obtain that effortless looking style? Here's how:

Steps for a Tousled Do

  1.  Apply a small amount of medium-hold styling gel, such as American Crew Spray Gel, to your hair. Use your fingers to work the gel from the roots to the ends. Be sure not to use a gel that is too thick as heavy gels are not blow-dryer friendly.
  2. Start with your blow dryer (the Conair Comfort Touch Tourmaline Ceramic Styling Dryer is a good, inexpensive option) on a low heat setting so the hair doesn't dry too quickly. Using your fingers, push your hair up and back to create height and volume. If you find the front isn't standing up as high as you like it, apply a bit more gel near the roots and dry it a bit more. Use the fingers to pull the hair up and out and apply heat at the root and work your way up. Continue until your head is dry. Note: If your hair is looking too big and tall at this point, don't worry -- we'll tackle that in a moment.
  3. To create a bit of wave in the hair, use a round brush and wrap sections of the hair around the brush. Aim the blow dryer directly on the hair for a moment to create a slight curl (the cool button can be used to set the curl).
  4. To create separation and provide additional hold (and tame things down a bit), work a small amount of paste into your fingers. We love Woody's Web for this purpose. Using your fingers, work a bit of the paste into the ends of sections of the hair to provide separation. Just be sure not to over-think it and make the style look TOO done.

Re-creating Robert's fluffy, carefree style takes a bit of work -- you may have to try it a few times to get it just right. If you can't seem to get the style to work, consult your hairstylist who can give you some one-on-one instruction.

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