How do I get rid of a demon?

Question: How do I get rid of a demon?

I am dealing with a demon and it has been controlling my life and will not go away. It wants to be in a "real" relationship with me. I have prayed to God to remove this entity, but this deemed useless. Though I am in a healing process, I am unsure if it would ever leave me. (The psychic said he will ask the Creator for help in order that he take the demon to the Source). I have tried to ask the psychic about the free will of the demons on this Earth, the possession of unaware humans by demons, etc., but he would not tell me much. I was hoping you would tell me if you know based on your paranormal research. -- A Fan

Answer: Fan, my views on demons, demonology and exorcisms are not popular, even in the paranormal community, but I feel I must continue to speak out on the subject. In short, there are no demons. In all of my reading and research, I have never come across any convincing evidence for the existence of demons or the Devil. These are completely made-up entities that are part of a religious belief system that have no basis in fact. There is simply no evidence for the existence of such beings. The experiences and even phenomena (in rare cases) that are attributed to demons can be explained as psychological and (in those rare cases) psychic phenomena.

The Devil is as real as Count Dracula (or Count Chocula, for that matter) -- it's a fabrication.

And, in my opinion, the current obsession with demons and exorcism is not a healthy one -- especially when children are involved. To tell an impressionable child, who many be suffering from some psychological disorder or behavioral problem, that he or she is possessed or oppressed by a demonic spirit can be psychologically damaging and is tantamount to child abuse. Look at three recent stories in the news:

So who are we to blame? The Devil or the misguided belief in the Devil? Now obviously most so-called exorcisms do not end this way and most people who believe in demons would not act in this extreme, homicidal manner, but these are examples of where illogical, blind faith in a belief system -- a superstition -- can lead.

Is there evil in the world? Of course. But the evil we confront in the world arises out of our own human nature, and attributing it to some outside force, such as demons, only serves to distance ourselves -- even excuse ourselves -- from dealing with our own fears, prejudices, hatred and violence. The evil is in all of us, but so is the goodness.

So, Fan, you are not dealing with demons and they are not controlling your life. Clearly you have issues that may be quite serious and I strongly suggest that you seek professional counseling. A psychic or an exorcist is not the answer. Even many clergy will direct you to the proper counseling. I hope you find the help you need.

Note: In other articles on this website you will find reports or stories of alleged demons and exorcisms. These are included as reports from other readers and do not indicate a belief in these entities by the editor.