How To Get Oprah Winfrey Show Tickets

Tickets to The Oprah Winfrey Show are free to the public - but demand is very high and patience is required when trying to get access to be in the audience. Here is everything you need to know to get yourself a seat:

Difficulty: Hard

Time Required: Minutes to apply, 24 hours or months for tickets

Here's How:

  1. The reservation window for tickets to the The Oprah Winfrey Show is open for a limited time only each month to schedule tickets for the following month. (March tickets are reserved in February, etc.)
  2. To find out when the reservation line is open each month, visit, or get the announcement through the Oprah Blog.
  3. To subit a reservation request for tickets, you must join, though membership is free and can be cancelled at any time.
  4. When the reservation window is open, you may submit a request for tickets at any time before it closes. Tickets are chosen on a lottery basis and seats will be assigned at random.
  5. Within 24 hours after the reservation window has been closed, those who have submitted a request will receive an e-mail containing their ticket status. Those who have been selected are given 48 hours to confirm their tickets.
  6. Viewers can submit requests each month to obtain tickets, as there is a greater demand than seats available.


  1. Last minute tickets are available by submitting an online form. People chosen for these spots are asked to share extra information in the form because you may be requested to tell your story or ask a question on the show.
  2. A third option to attend an Oprah Show taping is to be a guest! A list of current topics looking for guests appears on the homepage of under "Tell Oprah Your Story" - fill out an online form and you will be contacted by Oprah staff if they are interested in your story.
  3. Harpo Studios is located at 1058 West Washington Blvd., Chicago, IL, 60607 -- West of I 90/94 and North of I 290.

What You Need:

  • Photo ID is required to attend a taping.
  • Parking is not provided by Harpo Studios.
  • No cell phones, cameras or recorders allowed.
  • No gifts for Oprah are permitted.
  • Food services are not available - eat prior to taping.
  • Security check is required.