How to Get Marilyn Monroe's Sexy Hair

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Gather Your Tools and Prep Your Hair

marilyn monroe hair products
Photo © Kendra Aarhus

To get a soft curl, like the late great Marilyn Monroe, you're going to need some supplies. Gather a comb, brush, mousse, hairspray, and hot rollers.

You will need to gather the following tools and  products before you get started. If you don't have these available at home, you can purchase them on 

Start with clean, wet hair and apply an ample amount of a thick mousse through your hair. Part your hair to one side and blow dry.

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Wrap Your Hair in Hot Rollers

Hot Rollers Photo
Photo © Kendra Aarhus

When your hair is dry and your hot rollers are good and hot, start rolling. I recommend starting with the front of your hair where your bangs are located. Create a "mowhawk" down the center of your head and roll your hair, one section at a time. There are a few things you should know about rolling your hair in hot rollers in general:

  • Clean sections, parted with straight lines, and combed through without tangles will roll easier than messy sections.
  • Be sure that your ends are smoothly and softly tucked into the curl with no bends in the hair.
  • Use a smoothing serum prior to rolling your hair if your hair is very frizzy.
  • Allow the rollers to cool completely before removing. Usually this is a minimum of 20 minutes and could be up to one hour if your hair is very thick,

To get a Marilyn Monroe look:

  • Use the smallest rollers around the perimeter of your hair. This means the sections that are closest to your face and around the nape of your neck.
  • Use the largest rollers through the crown (top) of your head.
  • Use medium sized rollers through the remaining hair.
  • Roll all rollers back away from your face through the mowhawk section of your hair.
  • Roll all rollers down on the sides and through the back of your hair.
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Brush and Style

Marilyn Monroe Hair Photo
Photo © Kendra Aarhus
After your rollers are cooled and removed, simple brush your hair out well to remove all "roller marks". Using your comb, lightly back comb your hair where necessary to add height or shape and then spray with hairspray to hold the look. If your rollers are placed and cooled properly, this type of Marilyn Monroe look should fall into place very easily.