How to Get Guys to Pay Attention to You

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You've got your eye on that cute guy over there, but you're not sure if he notices you or not.   Want to know how to get him to spot you out of all the rest?  There are a few easy steps listed below that you can follow if you want to get guys to start paying attention to you. 

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: A couple of minutes

Here's How:

  1. Be yourself.  People can spot a phoney a mile away, and nobody wants to be with someone who is being fake.  Be yourself.  Don't try to put on a front and be someone who you are not.  If the guy doesn't notice you for being the real you, he's probably not someone who you want to hang out with anyway.  
  2. Keep up your personal hygiene.  If you want to attract a guy, you've got to make sure that your personal hygiene is on point.  Poor hygiene can steer people in the opposite direction of you so be sure to brush your teeth twice a day,make sure your hair is combed, and always smell good.  
  3. Get to know him. How can he notice you if he doesn't know you exist? Try walking up to him to start a conversation about something that makes sense - like a class you're both in, a holiday that's coming up, or recent current event.  Some guys are really shy, and they like it when the girl starts the conversation.  So, don't be afraid, go on over there and say "Hi".  
  4. Make eye contact. Don't stare him down or anything - just make sure you catch his eye when he's talking to you. (Yes, you're allowed to blink.)  
  5. Smile. When you smile, it invites him to be open and friendly with you. Plus, it'll make you way more memorable than someone who looks all grumpy.
  6. Don't be a jerk. You might be inclined to make fun of your crush or roll your eyes at him to hide your feelings. Don't do that stuff - it'll send him the wrong signal. Instead, play it friendly and sweet. But not too sweet. You're allowed to be a little mysterious, too.
  7. Compliment him. If you like what you see, tell him.  Maybe he's wearing a really cool shirt, or has some killer shoes...let him know.  Guys tend to hear compliments less then girls, so when they get complimented, they remember it! Give him a compliment, and he will remember you.  
  8. Stay out of trouble. Negative attention is not good attention.  If you are constantly being called to the principal's office, or if you frequent the lunch detention table, you might be steering guys away from you. 
  9. Join new clubs or groups. The best way to meet new people is to join a new club, group, or organization.  Get involved in some fun stuff that you love, and you're sure to meet someone there who loves that stuff too.  
  10. Don't stop there. You can't expect guys to do all the work, so make sure you keep up your friendships by chatting with them often. But if a guy gives you major stay-away-from-me vibes, you've gone too far, so back off.

What You Need:

  • A good smile
  • A good attitude
  • Some self-confidence

Article edited by Keisha Howard, Teen Advice Expert. 

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